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How to use 12V solar charge controller?
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Nowadays, as people use mobile phones more frequently, solar panel battery charger have become a necessity for users.However, some chargers, such as rechargeable batteries, also need to be recharged constantly, and these chargers have different battery life. So how do you solve the power problem for your phone and the charger itself?Perhaps the best solution is to use solar energy.

Advantages of portable solar battery charger

A steady supply of solar energy

You can always rely on the sun to provide enough energy to use at home.Unlike coal or oil, direct sunlight is free and never runs out.Soon you may find yourself abandoning the grid altogether, which means no electricity!

Clean energy

There is no doubt that power companies rely heavily on coal and fossil fuels to generate electricity.Although it may have been the simplest form of energy production, we now have new options.And the air pollution produced by these methods is almost impossible to control.With solar energy, you can get direct sunlight from solar panels and convert it into usable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce electricity bills

Even if your portable solar power don't generate enough electricity to power all the power you need, there's a backup energy source that can save you the monthly electricity you need from the appliances you need.For example, all your lights and heaters only run on solar energy, which means you only have to pay for electricity from appliances.

Low maintenance cost

The advantage of solar panels is that they don't have moving parts, which means you don't have to check them when installed.You need to keep the panels clean to make sure they are not damaged and absorb as much sunlight as possible, but most solar energy charger can be washed with water and cloth.

12V Solar Charge Controller