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Common problems of household pv power stations
- Aug 09, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, more and more people have installed photovoltaic power stations. Do you know the common problems of household photovoltaic power stations?

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1. Need to install a wire protection net for the PV array?

It is not recommended to install a wire fence. Because the installation of the wire fence for the PV array may cause partial shadows on the components, forming a hot spot effect, which affects the power generation efficiency of the entire photovoltaic power station. In addition, since qualified PV modules have passed the hockey impact test, it is generally not necessary to install a protective net.

2. If the power grid is cut off, will the household distributed photovoltaic grid-connected system still run normally?

After the power grid is cut off, the household distributed photovoltaic power generation system will normally exit the operation and cannot generate electricity normally. However, in some extreme cases, island phenomenon may occur, that is, after the power grid is cut off, the household distributed photovoltaic power generation system will continue to operate with part of the load, affecting the personal safety of maintenance personnel, and there is the possibility of damaging the household appliances and power grid facilities. Therefore, the distributed photovoltaic system must have the function of island defense.

3. After the grid, how can we distinguish the current electricity from the grid or our own system?

After the installation of the distributed photovoltaic power system is completed, the Power Grid Corp will check and check the network. After the acceptance is qualified, two meters will be installed in the master's home, and two meters will measure the power generation of the photovoltaic system and the electricity consumption of the city. The easiest way is to look at the meter, so long as the PV system terminal meter goes, it is the electricity generated by using the solar cell module.

4. The power stored in the system during the day can be illuminated at night?

Electrical components such as controllers and batteries can be added to store the power generated by day-time distributed photovoltaic systems for night lighting. During the day the controller stores the photovoltaic power in the battery, and at night the controller releases the stored power for lighting. In the absence of energy storage equipment, the system will stop working if the power grid is broken, but the system can still operate normally if the grid inverter is replaced by an intelligent microgrid inverter (the grid and the off grid hybrid inverter).