Solar Portable Power Supply

Portable solar power supply is an energy storage system designed to provide DC power and AC power for mobile devices and home appliances. Whether you're climbing a mountain, living in your van while you travel the world, or camping in your backyard we will keep you powered.     Using solar panels, car chargers or commercial power to charge the built-in lithium battery and it will store the electric energy for electrical power supplies, when required. It is small, light, portable and Low self power consumption, suitable for traveling, camping, emergency lighting and outdoor working. With AC / DC output function, the load can be connected with lighting lamps, DC fans, mobile phones, laptops, AC fans and some other small electrical appliances and so on.   1. Input: Photo-voltaic MPPT-120W and AC 210W, Car Charger 48W 2.  AC output 300W (Voltage 90V-240V); Pure Sine Wave; DC 12V 120W & USB 5V output 3.  Samsung Lithium battery pack 29E  4.  Off-grid operation 5. Built in BMS, pure sine wave Inverter, Smart control system
  • 400Wh Solar Portable Power Supply

    400Wh Solar Portable Power SupplyNew outdoor 400Wh Solar Portable Power Supply 400Wh Solar Portable Power Supply Technology standard: 400Wh Solar Portable Power Supply Features: Quiet -natural physical cooling tech Safe -over 20 kinds of protection functions High Energy Density -compacted...

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