24v Solar Regulator

24v Solar Regulator

24V Solar Regulator Main specifications Model number:
TPS-555I-30A New
* 12V / 24V 30A PWM Solar Regulator
* Over charge protection: 14.5V(±0.2) / 30V(±0.2)
* Over discharge protection: 10.5V(±0.2) / 21V(±0.2)
* With 5V1A and 5V2A USB port
* Operating Temperature: ﹣25℃ - +60℃
* With LED display

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24V Solar Regulator features  

1. Monitor the real-time currency, volt and electricity output volume
2. Features excellent heat balance design and natural air cooling function
3. Temperature compensation, automatically adjusts the charge parameters with temperature
4. Charge loop improves efficiency of charge and discharge and reduces heat consumption
5. Overloading & short-circuit protection, battery reversed protection
6. Compare with similar items

24V Solar Regulator Main Info  


24V Solar Regulator Characteristics

Various protections include over-charge, over-discharge and over-load, as well as unique electron short circuit protection and connection-reverse protection. All the protections are harmless to any parts and fuse; fuse only as the end protection of a controller itself to protect the amount of internal short circuit damage. None wore jumpers design improves the reliability and durability of the products.


Scientific management of battery: as it is overcharged, the battery will get booster tension charge. As a result compulsory maintenance is available for the battery. In normal working state, the direct charge and floating charge are both available, so that the battery life-span is increased. Besides, the adoption of high precision temperature compensation makes the charging more accurate



Mount the charge controller onto a clean, vertical flat surface. It is very important to allow enough space both above and below the charge controller to ensure maximum airflow

1. Connect the Battery image.png

2. Connect the Solar Panel(s) image.png

3. Connect the DC Loads (optional) image.png

Do not connect devices such as power inverters, high power DC motors/pumps 


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Legal Disclaimer

The larger resistance, this will cause higher temperature and output power decreasing. The total rated current of solar panel and loads must be smaller than the rated current of the controller. Components of system must be correctly and firmly connected. Prevent the terminals from oxidation and moldy,to avoid connection trouble.

Our vision: to become an innovative and customer oriented integrated supplier of solar power system.

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