Solar Panel Battery Regulator

Solar Panel Battery Regulator

30A /12V/24V AUTO
Two 5V USB output
LCD display
Battery status LED indicator

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30A PWM Solar Regulator 24V/12V 



l   With over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit, over-load protection, and specialized anti-reverse protection; above protections will not damage any parts, and do not burn insurance.

l  The controller is made by PWM technology, the voltage loss the charging circuit is less nearly half than using diode charging circuit, charging efficiency is 3% higher than Non-PWM, increases the power use of time; the improving charge of Discharge recover, normal direct charge, floating automatic control mode will extend the battery life;

l  Intuitive LCD display interface, allowing users to understand the use of the situation. Well.

l  All controls are made by the industrial-grade chip, can run freely in cold, high temperature, humid environment.

l   One stop solution design with a key operation, to make it more easy and convenient to use

l   Built in 12V/24V battery automotive identification function

l   With two 5V USB output, can meet all electronic appliance with 5V input voltage


Technical parameter:



Function description:

1  USB 5V==1A output                 4  On/Off Switch(for load)        7  Load terminal

2  USB 5V==2A output                 5  Solar input                            8  LCD display

3  Current input/Current output   6  Battery input                         9  Power display




Please connect the battery first(⑥), then connect the solar panels(⑤), and connect the load terminal(⑦) lastly.



AFTER EACH USE: Disconnect the Charge Regulator from the battery and solar panels. Always disconnect the battery first.

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