Solar Panel Voltage Regulator Battery Chargers

Solar Panel Voltage Regulator Battery Chargers

PWM solar charge controller
20A 12V/24V AUTO
2 USB Ports

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      Thanks for selecting 20A 12V/24V our solar charge controller . This controller is a PWM charge controller with 12V/24V automatic identification with the most advanced digital technique and represents the latest level of development of photovoltaic technology products.


       It’s an easy operate and cost efficient controller with following characteristics:

l   with short circuit, overload, unique anti-reverse protection;

l   with full-charge, over-automatic shutdown, recovery and other full-featured protection measures;

l   with detailed charge indicator status, battery status LCD indicator, load status and various fault warnings;

l   Use the high-efficient PWM battery charging mode, to ensure that the battery work in the best condition, greatly extend the battery life.



      Product description


       Size:20A  |  Color: Black


     Function description:

     1  USB 5V==1A output                              4  On/Off Switch(for load)                                   7  Load terminal

     2  USB 5V==2A output                               5  Solar input                                                         8  LCD display

     3  Current input/Current output               6  Battery input                                                      9  Power display

       Technical parameter







      Before connecting to the solar panel, please connect the controller to the battery; do not use solar panel supply power to the loads directly.


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