240Wh Solar Portable Power Supply

240Wh Solar Portable Power Supply

On-the-Go Power Source: 150Wh powerful charging station for camping or emergency backup; probably the most compact power station with a size of 184.5*109.5*118.5 mm (7.3*4.3*4.7 inch), and the weight is only 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs); 2 hideable lift handles make it even more portable....

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240Wh Solar Portable Power Supply


On-the-Go Power Source: 240Wh Solar Portable Power Supply for camping or emergency backup; probably the most compact power station with a size of 322*145*185mm, and the weight is only 4.3; 1 lift handle makes it even more portable.

AC/DC/USB Outputs: (1x) AC outlet (150W max); (3 x) DC port (12V 5A); (2x) USB port (5V 2A); charges or powers products such as laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, drones, small home appliances and more.

Efficient Solar Generator: connect a solar panel (not included), it can be a solar generator; with MPPT solar charge controller inside, the unit can be charged much more efficiently.

Input Modes: (1) can be recharged by connecting to 18V20W-100W solar panel (SOLD SEPARATELY); (2) can be fully charged by being plugged into wall outlet(90V-240V 50/60Hz); 

Perfect Emergency Tool: battery management system (BMS) enables voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations, ensuring ultra-safety for you and your devices;

Highly Portable Power Supply
Despite its compact (322*145*185mm) and lightweight body (weighing only 4.3 kg), SPAP_200 charging station encases an incredible 240 watt-hours of power to charge or power all kinds of devices, from small home appliance to personal electronics. The lift handles make it easy to carry around.

Multi-Device Charging & Powering
Four USB ports, one of them is powered by fast-charging technology, ensure that your phones, tablets and cameras stay charged throughout the day wherever you go. AC outlets provide power for small home appliances (max 200W), 3 DC ports and 2 USB port for devices like in-car devices and more.

Solar Generator with MPPT Controller
When paired with a solar panel (not included), S270 can be your powerful solar charger. Equipped with a DC 3.5X2.1 to MC4 connector, S270 is able to convert and store clean solar energy. With built-in MPPT controller, it adapts to optimal voltage levels to recharge itself with sunlight!

Emergency & Camping Partner
When you need power during emergency or camping, SPAP_200 can be your backup power supply that fulfills your basic electricity needs. It is a USB power bank, DC output power station, emergency torch, as well as a portable wall outlet, making it the ideal clean power source.



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