Residential energy storage box

Residential energy storage box

Product model:PS6530B
Battery capacity:6.5KWh
Input: AC/PV charge
AC Output:3kW
On/Off grid
Remote Monitor

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Residential energy storage box

1. Long service life, system sampling lithium battery pack, carrying active balanced BMS, to maximize the battery cycle life and discharge capacity to maximize the cycle life of more than 2000 times;

2. Easy to install, users only need to connect solar / fan and battery to form a solar / wind power generation system;

3. All-in-one machine, customers do not need to purchase controllers, chargers, voltage regulators, etc.

Residential energy storage box installation

Residential energy storage box specifications


Residential energy storage box feature

1. Humanized design, unattended function, when the city power interruption, UPS after the end of inversion, the city power is normal, UPS will automatically turn on, no need for manual start-up;

2. Remote Monitoring-know your gear anywhere anytime;

3. Metal Casing-strong, durable, safe.

Residential energy storage box application

1. Backup power station for hospital, bank, school, church, temple, etc;

2. Power station for small business activity;

3. Outdoor activities: Outdoor portable power station, portable small appliances,etc.





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