Household Energy Storage Device

Household Energy Storage Device

Product model:PS6530B
Battery capacity:6.5KWh
Input: AC/PV charge
AC Output:3kW
On/Off grid
Remote Monitor

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Household energy storage device

1. The battery has the advantages of small internal resistance and high specific energy. Flexible packaging, laminated, poor liquid, good safety. The group cycle life is more than 2000 times; the weight ratio energy can reach 120WH/KG, and the volume ratio energy can reach 210WH/L, which is higher than the industry average.

2. Very perfect protection functions (including overload protection, overcurrent protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, battery reverse protection, battery high and low protection, mains voltage protection, etc.), so that users are more assured.

Household energy storage device installation

Household energy storage device specifications


Household energy storage device feature

1. Metal Casing-strong, durable, safe.

2. The working noise is very small. Besides the small noise of the fan running at high temperature, there is almost no noise.

3. Remote Monitoring-know your gear anywhere anytime.

Household energy storage device application areas

1. Outdoor activities: Outdoor portable power supply, portable small appliances,etc.

2. UPS for typical application required uninterrupted power supply;

3. Backup power station for hospital, bank, school, church, temple, etc;




We have certificated by CE / FCC / MSDS / RoHS / EMC / UN38.3 / Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods / Classficiation Report for Sea Transport of Goods.

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