Camping Battery Pack

Camping Battery Pack

Product model: PS5B
Battery capacity: Lithium-ion 400Wh
AC wall charge
DC car charge
Solar charge
AC output: 300W
DC output: 4*USB port:2*5V2.1A & 2*5V1A
1*12.6V car port: 120W
2*DC 6mm port: 2*12V3A
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Camping battery pack

Camping battery pack

When you're camping outdoors or barbecuing on the beach, it's very inconvenient without electricity. Your LED lights can't be used, your cell phone or tablet can't be used. You can't drink cold drinks because the outdoor refrigerator has no power. It's all because you don't have a portable mobile power supply, and our camping battery pack can provide you with constant power, so you don't have to worry about outdoor electricity.

Camping battery pack specifications


Camping battery pack feature
1. Handle.

2. Safe: various protection functions;

2. Mini: 234x149x280mm, 5.6kgs;

4. Convenient: can be charged anytime from solar panel, car and adaptor;

Camping battery pack application

It can supply electricity to household appliances, such as refrigerators, TVs, fans, computers, can be used as outdoor backup power. It can supply outdoor refrigerators, LED lights, mobile phones, also can be used as an emergency power supply station for emergency rescue.

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Portable Rechargeable Power Supply-Charge by solar.png

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