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Why Do You Need A Car Refrigerator For A Summer Trip?
- May 18, 2018 -

Speaking of tourism, the most pleasant way of traveling is not self driving travel. Now, everyone has a car, the car is gradually becoming a mobile home, more and more people like to take advantage of the holiday, driving their own cars, with a lover to enjoy the beauty of various places, tasting all the food.

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The beautiful scenery is on the road

For those who eat goods, the beauty of self driving is beautiful, but sometimes it is also very distressing, especially when it comes to food preservation.

I can really understand the embarrassing situation in the process of self driving travel. Think of three beautiful women (mom, wife and daughter) who went to Xiamen last year, although they were happy and happy all the way, but they also ate and broke their hearts.

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In order to prevent our road tired of thirst, the daughter wants to eat dessert, mother prepared for us a lot of fruit, pastries, drinks, daughter-in-law prepared a lot of mask and so on cosmetics. But when the temperature is high and the water is placed in the trunk, it is turned into warm water when it is taken out. It tastes bad and the health of high temperature water is also worrying. What is even more frightening is that the fruit and cake on the car were stuffy for half a day, and the daughter had been crying for a long time.

The daughter is crying out

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After the Xiamen,  enjoy the various rural customs in Chaozhou and Shantou, tasting all kinds of local food, Chao Shantou beef balls and seafood delicious delicious, mother wants to take some back to the father tasting, but after the home, they found all bad, let the people regret. Speaking of dad, this is also an awkward point, because dad has diabetes, insulin is regular, but the temperature of storage is higher, so traveling always falls on him.

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At this time, a car refrigerator is very important. With the car freezer, you can enjoy the ice fresh fruit and drink in the course of self driving tour. We can bring back the delicious seafood products without hesitation, and return home is still fresh and healthy and the original taste is original. Wife's mask and other cosmetics can also be stored at low temperature, so as to ensure that is cool and cosmetology is relieved. The old man's breastfeeding and health care products can also be stored in the car refrigerator in the English dweller, so that Dad can go out with us, and the health is guaranteed.