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Why Are Compressor Refrigerators More Expensive Than Household Refrigerators.
- Jun 25, 2018 -

What is the difference between the principles of work?

1.The working principle of the car refrigerator is close to the household refrigerator, but the condenser of the household refrigerator is larger, and the shell is connected with the shell, and the heat dissipate without the fan; the compressor refrigerator needs to increase the temperature of the condenser because of the limited space, so it is more strict in the manufacturing technology and process requirements.

2. Household refrigerators use AC compressor, can not be used in vibration or tilt state; and the vehicle refrigerator adopts DC compressor, more energy saving and environmental protection, can be stable working under the condition of bump, vibration and tilt less than 30 degrees, and higher technical requirements, so the cost of the product is higher.

3. Car refrigerator because of the requirements of outgoing environment, product functions are more complete. Such as the strap, the handle, the slide rail and so on is beneficial to carry the moving and fixed parts or accessories; and the low voltage protection function (ABS) can protect the safe use of the power supply battery; the intelligent fault detection function can display the fault by the wrong indicator lamp and the LED, so that the fault can be eliminated in time. The "emergency mode" EMERGENCY switch can keep the refrigerator in a state of refrigeration and keep the temperature inside the box when the control circuit is invalid.

4. The quality of engineering plastics outside the body can be used in the environment of -10 to 55 degrees Celsius and the maximum air humidity of 90%.

5. The use of environmental protection materials, in line with the RoHs directive (that is to restrict the use of certain harmful substances in electronic and electrical equipment), and the standard safety certification required by automobile industry in vehicle E4 and TUV/GS, EMC, is more stringent than the use of domestic products in the use of environment and material.

What are the notices when the vehicle refrigerator is cleaned?

1. Clean the interior of the fridge, do not wipe the inner wall with sharp objects, try to avoid the collision of hard objects into the inner wall.

2. No hard or corrosive liquid should be used to wipe the interior of the box.

3. Please use soft cloth and neutral detergent to wipe (water or refrigerator special cleanser);

4. Do not wash or soak in the water to clean the refrigerator.

Precautions for the use of vehicle refrigerator

1, Use the environment to maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation, away from the open fire or other heat sources;

2, Refrigerators and wires should avoid damp and rain, and can not be placed in water.

3, The inside of the refrigerator can not be directly exposed to liquid;

4, Regular cleaning and defrosting;

5, Please select the power line that is marked with the power cord or the manufacturer's recommended specifications.

6. If you need to use it at home, please choose the power converter recommended by the manufacturer.

7, If used for refrigeration special items, please check the refrigeration efficiency and the storage requirements of the goods.

8, The car freezer is not a toy, please stay away from children.

Which type of vehicle can be used for vehicle mounted compressor refrigerators?

It can be used in almost any vehicle type. It only needs to choose the right product model according to the vehicle type. The two voltages of 12V and 24V can be adapted.

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