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What Is The Solar Folding Bag / Solar Folding Panels ?
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Why do we make solar energy folding bags?


For the solar energy industry, grid connected generation and off grid power generation, ECEEN mainly focuses on off grid products.

Off-grid power generation is highly dependent on batteries. For batteries, lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries are the main batteries on the market. Based on this, the voltage requirements for solar panels are generally about 18V and 6V.

Glass lamination costs less, but it is not portable, not suitable for carrying, folding bag in weight and size has considerable advantages, suitable for RV, outdoor sports, travel and other scenes on the demand for electricity.

Can the solar panels charge directly for mobile phones?

- as long as the sun is adequate and the voltage is suitable, the solar panels can be charged directly for mobile phones.

- For mobile phones, for example, most of them have 5V1A, or 5W, which is basically charged with 7W solar panels because of the need for circuits.

The drawback is that when the sky is cloudy or without sunlight, and at night, charging will break down.

- So the general distribution battery, whether or not the sun, so you can charge anytime, anywhere, and provide a stable current for mobile phones, such as extending the life of their own batteries, such as mobile phones can also be configured with batteries, etc.


Types of solar folding bags/portable solar panels

Folded solar panels generally cover between 5W and 300W, which are too large to be manufactured and generally do not require such large panels for outdoor activities.

Solar folding panels can be customized according to customer requirements for size, wattage, different types of solar panels, folding, output interface, output line and other production.

Solar panels can be designed for customers, board services, various forms of LOGO requirements, etc.

Solar folding panels can be customized for customers or provide standard circuit boards such as single USB, dual USB, single USB + DC output regulator or linear output