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What Is A Touring Car? Does It Need A Car Refrigerator?
- Jun 06, 2018 -

First, what is the touring car? The car is a good combination of the car and the house, the car appeared more than 100 years ago, when the car started, the foreigner began to study the car. Before the car, the gypsies had used a Mara car to make a RV, so the car was called a caravan in English English, the American called it. A recreational car, the Chinese call a RV. The RV is divided into self-propelled and trailing type.


The self propelled A type RV is modified based on buses, buses and buses. In the United States, it is a vehicle manufacturing process. From chassis to bottom, it belongs to vehicle manufacturing. China is more of a modification. What is modification? What is the original factory? Our national car manufacturing is divided into several categories of qualifications, such as the the Great Wall car is the main car manufacturer, belongs to a class of qualification, like the repackaging plant, the right to refit, no vehicle production qualifications.


Self-propelled A type RV

Self-propelled B type car, this type of car is also popular in Europe, in recent years in the domestic buy is also a lot, because the B car appearance is relatively low profile, the function of the car is all, space is much smaller than the C type. B cars are very popular in Europe because they have a lot of camping sites, and we drive more of this kind of car based on camp facilities, such as bathing, toilets, cooking, and camps all public, usually few people will cook on their own cars, Europeans include all the brushing bowls in camps, China, and China More rely on the water and electricity of their own cars to achieve self-sufficiency. In the future, when the camp is more, the B car should be said to be the mainstream product in China, because this type of car belongs to a dual purpose vehicle, which can be used as a work vehicle or as a holiday holiday vehicle for the weekend.


Self-propelled B type RV

The self-propelled C type car is the best one in China, because our law restricts it. It can only be six meters, single expansion and double expansion, maximize the interior space of the car, and even achieve nearly twenty square meters.


Self-propelled C type RV

Trailer type A RV is a more common Trailer in China. This is the tent car, the home-made brand of this car, the price of about fifty thousand yuan, should be said to be very cheap, but it is slightly less functional, in the spring, summer and autumn, the three seasons can be used, winter is very difficult, it is suitable for the climate more comfortable to use.


Trailer type A car

The trailer type D car can be combined with a pickup truck. When you go camping, use four legs to put the house on the ground, the car can run and the house stays on the ground.


Trailer type D car


Tent RV

This is a commercial type of car, this is a mobile villa, but also wheels, but can be in the camp short distance migration, transfer, not long distance transport, long distance transport needs to use a semi trailer to transfer it to the field.

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