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What Is A Li-ion Battery?
- Jul 12, 2018 -

What is a Li-ion battery?

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Li-ion is the development of lithium batteries. So before introducing Li-ion, we first introduce lithium battery. For example, the button cells used in cameras used to belong to lithium batteries. The cathode material of the lithium battery is lithium metal. The negative material is a carbon material. According to our customary naming rule, we call this battery lithium battery.

The cathode material of n Li-ion is lithium cobalt oxide, and negative electrode material is carbon material. The battery is used to embed and move the lithium ion in the negative carbon material to achieve the charge and discharge process of the battery, so people call it Li-ion.

What is the principle of the Li-ion battery?

The principle of charge and discharge is the principle of the work. The cathode material of Li-ion is cobalt oxide lithium, and the negative electrode is carbon. When the battery is charged, lithium ions are formed on the cathode of the battery, and the lithium ions generated are moving through the electrolyte to the negative electrode. 

As the negative carbon is layered, it has a lot of micropores. The lithium ion, which reaches the negative electrode, is embedded in the micropores of the carbon layer. The more lithium ion is embedded, the higher the charge capacity. Similarly, when the battery is discharged (that is, we use the battery process), the lithium ions embedded in the negative carbon layer move out and move back to the positive pole. The more lithium ions are, the higher the discharge capacity. 

What we usually call battery capacity refers to discharge capacity. In the charge discharge process of Li-ion, Li ions are in the state of motion from positive pole to negative pole to cathode. Li-ion is like a rocking chair. The two ends of the rocking chair are two poles of the battery, and the lithium ion runs like a sportsman at the ends of the rocking chair. So, Li-ion is called a rocking - chair battery.