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US Intends To Impose Tariffs Of 10% On PV Inverters And Components In China
- Jul 13, 2018 -

With the escalation of trade wars between China and the United States, photovoltaic inverters, solar components with additional micro inverters and battery storage products other than lithium ion chemical batteries may be the latest victims.

In July 11th, the Trump administration released a list of 10% import tariffs on US $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. Robert Lighthizer, US trade representative, said in a statement that the new 10% tariff was a response to what he called China's "counterattack and unchanging practice" in retaliation to China's US $50 billion tariff on exports to the United States. Lighthizer also said, "this is an appropriate response under the authorization of the 301 clause to eliminate China's harmful industry policy."

The United States announced a total of 6031 new tariff lists, which not only covers a number of agricultural and chemical products, as well as raw materials, but also includes inverters (product code 8504.40.95), AC components (additional miniature inverter solar panels) (product code 8501.61.00), and lithium ion chemical batteries. Outside the battery storage product.

Related to electronic products, including television parts, refrigerators and other consumer goods and other high-tech products, such as glass and its products, printed circuit and communication related, LCD and LED related, much attention is not in the smart phone. However, the target consumers also include consumer products such as fish, tires, furniture, clothing and so on. They also bite products related to "made in China 2025".

These duties are proposed in accordance with the 301st clause, as in the 301 round of previous rounds, which will enter the review process before final determination. Crystalline silicon solar cells and modules are currently undergoing such a review.

A hearing on the new round of tariffs will be held in from August 20th to 23rd. The deadline for submission of applications is July 27th, and the written testimony will expire on August 17th.

In recent months, Chinese inverter manufacturers have been closely watching the escalation of trade wars between China and the United States. Although HUAWEI and sun power company survived the last round of fighting, their products appeared on the list in the second round of retaliation.

According to the statistics of China's PV inverter export data in 2017, China's export of inverter is about $1 billion 490 million (including PV, wind power, automotive power supply, etc.) in 2017. Among them, the PV inverter top 20 enterprises accounted for 48.86%. In the first ten of the exports, the proportion of the countries accounted for 79.08%. The United States accounted for 23.35%, Holland accounted for 15.04%, India accounted for 11.70%, Australia accounted for 6.99%, Mexico accounted for 5.43%, Germany accounted for 5.43%, Germany accounted for 5.05%, Japan accounted for 4.94%, China Hongkong accounted for 2.38%, Pakistan accounted for 2.14%, and Britain accounted for 2.04%.