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Trade War Between China And The United States Is Stopped! The Two Sides Will Increase Cooperation In Renewable Energy Development And Energy Efficiency.
- May 23, 2018 -

Since China's accession to the WTO, the US trade deficit with China has continued to expand, and the United States has increasingly taken China as a competitor rather than a partner, causing the Trump administration to take a tough approach to deal with the conflicts of interest with China.

Finally, after two days and two nights of intense competition, the new round of consultations between China and the United States ended. China and the United States issued a joint statement later, though not long, but the amount of information is still very large.

We can determine the Sino US trade war and the ceasefire! Stop the war! No! This is an important moment for both sides and the world.

There is no winner in trade war. Since the implementation of the "232 measures" and the "301 clause" investigation by the Trump administration, the world is deeply concerned about the possible trade war between the two major economies of China and the United States, and the rational voice of "do not fight" "do not fight".

Economic and trade relations of equality and mutual benefit are the "ballast stone" of Sino US relations, and their essence is win-win cooperation. As the largest developing country, the largest production base in the world and a huge consumer market, China has a strong demand for energy, high-tech products, agricultural products and so on, and the United States has a certain advantage in these areas and has a strong complementarity to China.

For example, China's import of oil and gas from the United States is not only a beneficial supplement to China's natural gas gap, but also helps our country obtain relevant development experience and enhance the bargaining power in the global natural gas market. Both the 13th Five-Year plan and the nineteen major reports pointed out that we should promote the energy revolution and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. For the US side, the United States can take advantage of this export commodity to China, reduce its trade deficit with China, and stimulate employment at the same time, helping boost economic development. In addition, China and the United States have carried out a great deal of cooperation in renewable energy and energy efficiency and utilization, and will play a core role in the global transition to clean energy.

Look at agriculture again. The agricultural cooperation between China and the United States has been the earliest and most effective, and also one of the most potential areas of cooperation. With the increase of China's population from 550 million in 1950 to nearly 1 billion 400 million, and the increase in industrialization, urbanization and traffic construction land, the Chinese market has great demand for agricultural products and agricultural technology. Because of its superior natural endowments, the United States has a high degree of mechanization, automation and information technology, and has a stable scale of operation and a stable supply capability. The expansion of agricultural cooperation between China and the United States will help our country optimize the structure of food, realize the diversified distribution of food imports, and improve the protection of cultivated land and realize the cultivation of farmland in some areas. The result is the benefit of the people of the two countries.

The expansion of China's import is not an expedient measure to deal with trade frictions, but not by external pressure, but a market behavior and time choice to promote the long-term development of the country and meet the people's better life.  With the continuous expansion of the middle income class, China will become the largest market in the world. China not only buys things from the United States, but also imports different types of products from all over the world. In November this year, China will host the first Import Expo. Up to now, more than 80 countries have signed up. Many people want to sell things to China, making the Chinese market highly competitive. If you want to gain a certain market share in China, you will also make the Chinese people happy. If the Chinese people do not buy it, no matter what they ask, it will be useless.

There will be a variety of differences and new problems, and there is no need to be surprised. The key is to keep calm and solve the problem by dialogue and consultation, instead of making problems even out of control in the way of confrontation. The former US officials who have long been engaged in the US - China relations point out that, for the development of any relationship, a wayward attitude will not produce a constructive role, so the relationship between the family is so, and the relationship between countries is the same. In the past few decades, China and the United States have established effective communication channels and dialogue platforms in different fields, which play a key role in controlling differences between the two countries and ensuring that bilateral relations do not deviate from the main channel of win-win cooperation. This consultations achieved positive results, which is another recognition of the important experience in the development of Sino US relations.

Not long ago, at the annual meeting of the Boao Forum on Asia, President Xi Jinping promised that the opening door of China would only be more open and bigger, and put forward a series of major measures to open up the four aspects of opening up market access, creating a more attractive investment environment, strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights and expanding imports. Some important measures should be brought to the ground as soon as possible. It should be sooner rather than late and should not be slow. We should try to make the open results benefit Chinese enterprises and people early and benefit the enterprises and people of all countries in the world as soon as possible.

China's economic reform is accelerating in an all-round way. By expanding the market, expanding opening, promoting domestic reform and promoting economic development, this is an important magic weapon for China's success over the past 40 years, and the future will continue in this direction.