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The Small Power Saving Technique For The Refrigerator
- May 29, 2018 -

The placement of the refrigerator

The choice of the location of the refrigerator should be to avoid direct sunlight, for ventilation, and to maintain a distance from the wall, so that the heat generated in the operation of the refrigerator can be exudes.

Check the seal

Often check the seal of the seal of the refrigerator, if the seal is deformed, it will affect the close joint degree of the closure, cause the cold air leakage, and increase the power consumption. If the deformation is serious, it should be repaired and replaced in time.

Regular defrosting

When the refrigerator is used for a period of time, some ice cream will be produced. If the frost is not used regularly, it will affect the cooling effect, and the power consumption will increase, and the compressor will be damaged easily. Therefore, frost should be defrosted whenever the thickness of the ice exceeds 7cm.

Reduce the number of open door

Every time you open a box door, there will be cold air exposure and hot air intrusion, so you have to run the compressor again. Therefore, try to produce a variety of food ingredients at a time, and act quickly, so that the door should not be opened too wide, so as to minimize the loss of air conditioning.

If you don't have any stock, don't let the fridge be empty. A better way is to put a few small basin of water in it to freeze it, so that it can help maintain low temperature and reduce energy consumption.

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