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The Small History Of Vehicle Electric Appliances
- Aug 01, 2018 -

In 1885, Carle Benz made the first three wheeled vehicle in the world. The next picture is the BenZ of the time.


It is this seemingly rough three wheeled toy that pushed the history of mankind to the era of motor vehicles. Since then, the technology of automobiles has been on the road, and the vehicle electrical appliances are becoming more and more abundant. Below is the time of some major vehicle electrical appliances in twentieth Century. It turned out that cars loaded with electric bulbs have been separated for nearly 30 years.

Next, let's take a look at the history of vehicle electronics.

Automative lighting

Yes, the earliest car is without headlights. People driving at night should carry oil lamps, but the lighting effect can only be heed. Then there was acetylene lamp, but there was no use for rain or wind. In 1912, the electric start engine was invented. In 1913, the incandescent bulb was invented with inert gas. From then on, the light source of the car was replaced by the incandescent lamp, but it could not distinguish the far and near light.


In 1924, OSRAM launched the BILUX double filament bulb, becoming the first auto light bulb with far and near light switching function. Until 1930, such lights were luxury goods. Only luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz SSK were equipped.


But the ordinary incandescent lamp was less efficient, so the more energy-efficient halogen lamp was born. The halogen lamp, which was originally used for car lights, was born in 1960s, and the manufacturer was the famous Hala.


At the beginning of the twentieth Century, the radio was big and heavy. Every time they go far, men have to move the radio onto the train, but it takes a lot of effort. In 1922, Chevrolet introduced the world's first Westinghouse radio model, caused a great sensation, sales soared. However, the US government believes that driving on the radio may cause traffic accidents and start objection to car radio.

For this reason, Chevrolet began to redesign the operational logic of the car radio to achieve a human-computer interaction experience "without the need to transfer sight," which created the earliest "blind operation" in the automotive field.

After the government, the next is the cost. At that time, Westinghouse car radios cost half of the price of a Chevrolet model. Luckily, in 1930, the Calvin brothers founded Motorola, the first to produce an integrated vehicle radio, and the cost dropped, and the car radio became a sign.

Air conditioner

The first cars were all open. After the appearance of the closed body, the temperature regulation becomes a rigid demand. In 1927, the first complete automotive heating system with heaters, fans and air filters appeared in the New York market. However, in the cold season of Europe, it can play a certain role in warming. It is regarded as the pioneer of vehicle air conditioning.

In the 1938, also in the United States, a person called Park invented the automobile air conditioner based on the principle of "cold air" in the refrigerator. V12 was lucky to be the first car to install air conditioning. In 1940, Packard Company of the United States first used mechanical refrigeration in automotive air conditioning, which opened up a road for the development of the world automotive air conditioning market.

In 1954, the Nash motor company launched a truly automatic air conditioner called "the eye of the climate". The control switch is distributed in the front of the control panel, using an electronic control switch and an outlet. The people at last have the first compact, cold and warm automobile air conditioning system.

Car Compass

The first automatic vehicle navigation in the world is a Gyro-Cator product developed by Honda, ALPINE and Stanley Electric. It was born in 1981. The principle is to show the driving state on a monochrome CRT display, using a zero starting point and a transparent map on a monochrome CRT display, based on the gyroscope's direction change and inertia. The overlapped cover tracks the location of the vehicle on a given route.

Car refrigerator

When I saw the 3 words of a refrigerator, I wonder that many people  would think of this picture.


Let's go back to the car. The car refrigerator is like this:

car freezer camping freezer.jpg

car refrigerator.jpg

1. Keep your drink cool and keep your food fresh when traveling, camping, etc.

2. Keep your fish fresh when you fishing. 

3. Keep your cosmetics away from meltwhen having a romantic summer date with your boyfriend