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The Car Refrigerator, How Big Do You Think It Is?
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Do you see the refrigerator?


This is a refrigerator, and it's household. There's one in my family.

So what about the car refrigerator? Do you have any in your car?

car refrigerator.jpg

Vehicle/Car fridge can be divided into three categories, which are different in performance and price.

The first kind is the incubator. It is a refrigerator that loses it. It's like a froth box that bought an ice stick earlier, and refrigerated items are frozen in a thermos box to keep freezing in a short time.The advantage is that no consumption, no cost of oil, and low price.

The second type is electronic vehicle refrigerator, the principle is to rely on electronic chip refrigeration, make use of special semiconductor material to form P-N junction, that is, when the current through semiconductor materials to form a loop, there will be heat absorption, exothermic reaction. It is to use this principle to refrigerate, the effect is not very good, 4-65 degree range is all OK, and it is also environmentally friendly, will not destroy the ozone layer, low cost, no vibration, is slow, want to drink a cool drink, can only be anxious.

The third type is compressor car refrigerator, want to refrigerate well, must use compressor, temperature can reach    - 20 degrees, high efficiency, large volume, is the main direction of car vehicle refrigerator in the future, but also depending on the situation. The disadvantages are too heavy, high energy consumption and high price. 

car freezer camping freezer.jpg

All of these are small. Have you ever seen such a big one? I'm afraid the car has been crushed.


This is the refrigerated semi hangs, but also add a traction car to provide power, this is the big refrigerator walking, not only the temperature can be adjusted at will, but also the load is great, twenty or thirty tons are small things, of course, oil consumption, the cost is very high.

This is a special vehicle which can transport perishable goods over a long distance and keep the goods fresh.Improve the quality of life of the people and provide fresh food for the people.

But it is unrealistic to use it to freeze food, because its main role is to maintain the temperature of the goods, not the frozen goods. The large refrigerator is the luxury of personal use, but it is not necessary for the cold chain logistics industry.

They can put spring in the box, put summer in the cabins, put autumn in the cabins, and winter in the cabins.

Anyway, the car refrigerator is more suitable for us, right? Do you want to know more information about it?

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