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Portable Solar Charger, Do You Still Fear That The Cell Phone Turned Off ?
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Do you feel anxious when your mobile phone is out of power when you are outdoor? 

Do you want to have electricity when you are camping or traveling? 

If you have portable solar charger, are you still afraid that the cell phone will be out of power?

Like a notebook, just carry the power with you, as shown in the picture.

portable solar panels.jpgportable folding solar panels.png

Portable solar panel generator

All cell positive and back electrodes are made of high quality silver paste with high weld strength and low series resistance.

Product Fetures: portable solar panel generator

1. Premium Efficiency: Constructed with high quality solar panels, up to 22% efficient solar array provides 2A output (MAX), easier and faster to replenish juice for your gadgets.
2. Lightest weight and ultra compact: only the half weight of other normal solar panels, be very easy to carry out.

Our solar panel details

When you need use the portable solar panel generator to charge your battery, car freezer, mobile phone or digital camera etc., please unfold it to absorb the sunlight to charge anywhere.

If you do not need use the solar panel, please fold it into a bag (itself could be a bag), and it will save much space and be easy for you to carry out and store.

portable solar panel generator

What's more details you may interested in?

1. Portable lanyard hole
It is designed for you to hang the solar panel on your bag, and could charge your devices as well as play.

Portable lanyard hole

2. Monocrystalline silicon solar panel.

The most efficiency one among all the solar panel. And the PET technology, it is very durable, the maximum service life of 25 years.

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

3. Waterproof PVC fabric

PVC coated fabrics is more waterproof, anti-mildew than other sailcloth. More soft at low temperature, strong enough, light-weighted.

Waterproof PVC fabric


Outdoor Necessities
Equipped with a rugged water resistant, anti-shock, dust-proof exterior for outdoor use. Can also be affixed to your backup, bicycle or tent when you're out enjoying the great outdoors.


Q1: How many color of this product?
A: We can do black, red, camouflage etc.

Also we can do OEM color for you. It depends on your needs.

Q2: Is it ok to add customer logo on this product ?

A: We can do silk printing customer logo.

Q3: Dose this model have battery inside?
A:No, the item of this model is charged by sunlight directly. It is environmental friendly.