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Portable Power Station Is Widely Used
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The energy storage power system driven by the state and giant enterprises has been changing continuously. As a small energy storage power supply equipment, portable energy storage power has also gradually developed the potential of market development.


With the development of society, electricity is essential in daily life work, but there are a series of problems such as outdoor power consumption, equipment preparation, power failure and so on. Because of the lack of electricity and power failure, the work can not continue, and people's daily life is also affected. In particular in the summer of the peak of electricity consumption, power outage has become a regular meal, or in some remote areas, war-torn countries, and often face power and electricity problems, portable and storage products will become one of their options to solve these problems.

In fact, portable power storage power can be widened in a wide range of areas, not only in the family, in the office, business, drama, photography, travel, fire, medical, rescue, car, yacht, communication, exploration, construction, camping, mountaineering, army, military, school laboratory, satellite research Institute, telecommunication base station and so on. Many fields are likely to become potential consumer groups and fields in the future.

Energy storage power supply products are mainly containerized or civilian. The energy storage power supply products are mainly exported to Africa countries and regions. These countries are often blackout because of the problem of war, so the product is just in demand, but because of the high cost of the product itself, there is no large quantity of orders.

The problem of high cost is not only in Africa, but because of the high production cost and high price, many people can hardly accept such a product. Because many countries, including some places in our country, have adopted the ladder electric difference, the electricity price of daytime and night is different. In theory, it can store electricity by storing energy in the night, use it in the daytime, reduce the price difference, but the cycle time is very long. Unless some places have rigid demand, the investment efficiency of this project is not high, and it may not be far away.

Is subsidies the key to the outbreak of the market?

After a series of hot concepts such as smart grid, energy interconnection, photovoltaic, wind power, electric vehicle, and so on, enterprises and capital will focus on energy storage, but it is obviously more cautious.

In the past few years, the three north regions were called by the state, and wind power and photovoltaic were developing rapidly. At present, the energy storage industry is in the initial stage of the transition from a small pilot to a large-scale application, which is like the first round of the 2004~2008 year outbreak of the photovoltaic industry.

"Energy storage industry is at a critical point."

At present, the domestic energy storage circle has such a word. This means that the energy storage industry is in a commercial blowout. In the future, new companies will be added and new projects will be born. However, from the previous reports, most of the demonstration projects can achieve or close to the expected effect in the function of energy storage system, but it can achieve very little profit.

Wu Jiamao, general manager of sun energy storage power supply company, said that the worldwide market for energy storage applications has not yet been fully opened.  According to last year's statistics, only about 700 megawatts of energy storage applications were installed in the world. The core reason is the high cost of energy storage. In the next 2-3 years, with the development of technology and the further decline of energy storage costs, the energy storage market will enter the peak stage of development.

At present, energy storage industry is still short of fire to achieve large-scale application development, and the industry generally puts the fire on the subsidy policy support.

In the early stage of the development of a new field, the industry is full of expectations of national policy guidance and policy subsidies, but in fact, the current energy storage policy is relatively vague, mainly scattered in the current energy policy, the lack of comprehensive and high planning, targeted financial and tax subsidies and other measures.

People in the industry who do not have great hope for state subsidies generally believe that the development of energy storage power should not be placed on government subsidies, because it may allow some people to drill the gap in policy, not to use energy to reduce costs, and to improve technical level and other real work. He uses it. It can be said that policy and subsidies are a "double-edged sword", which can not only promote the rapid development of the industry, but also have great harm to the healthy development of the industry.

At the same time, they believe that the photovoltaic or wind power assembly system obviously has a high cost of assembly, and the maintenance cost is not small. It is not easy to make profit by using the power source of the household portable energy storage and using the power of the surplus.

In general, the domestic power supply industry has been in the mouth of the wind. If we want to achieve explosive growth, in the short term, it is necessary to support the policy. In the medium and long term, the only way to reduce the cost and the technological breakthrough is to reduce the cost.

Preemptive layout of many enterprises

Facing the market of energy storage power, which has not yet been fully developed, some capital and enterprises have been fully deployed.

Under the guidance of the government, the upstream and downstream enterprises of the energy Internet have also launched related work.

The pro edge industry is eager to try

There are still many possibilities for energy storage power supply, which has made many pro edge enterprises eager to get a slice of the market.

Some traditional manufacturers of UPS power, charging piles, lithium batteries and mobile power sources have begun to enter the market of portable energy storage power supply.