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Monitoring Of The Price Trend Of The PV Industry Chain
- Jul 12, 2018 -


This week, the price of polysilicon is firm and stable, and the atmosphere of market expectations is rising. This week, the mainstream price of polycrystalline material is still 75-80 yuan per kilogram, but most polysilicon manufacturers have been quoted as far as 80 yuan / kg. The high market price can reach 85 yuan per kilogram. The price of the single crystal material is centered around 93-95 yuan / kg. It is overhauled by the polysilicon plant in the market and the stock level is not high. Affected, manufacturers strong price strong will, at present, polysilicon factory July orders are better, some manufacturers in July orders have been lined up.

Silicon wafer

The price of polysilicon wafers stabilized this week, and the price at the bottom rose. This week, the price of polysilicon chips in the market is 2. 3 to 2. 4 yuan per piece. With the continuous consumption of polysilicon chips, the price of polysilicon chips is up to up to 2.3 yuan / even higher. In monocrystalline silicon chip, the price of monocrystalline silicon chip is maintained at 3.37 - 3.4 yuan / piece, and the high resistance price is 3.32 - 3.35 yuan / piece. At present, the starting situation of the leading enterprises is better, and the small and medium single crystal silicon chip enterprises are more pressure. As the price of upstream polysilicon is basically stable or even up, there is little possibility that the price of silicon will continue to decline.

Battery sheet

This week, the price of polycrystalline battery chip is basically stable with last week. The mainstream price of polycrystalline battery chip is about 1.02 - 1.05 yuan / W. It is driven by the demand of overseas market. The demand of polycrystalline high efficiency battery chip is more stable. The order has a certain guarantee. At present, there is a micro rise image in the upstream polycrystal link and the polycrystalline battery factory has heel. I hope, however, that the short-term price of the downstream components is expected to remain stable. In terms of single crystal, the price of single crystal conventional battery chip is about 1.1 yuan / W last week, and the price of single crystal perc battery is about 1.25 yuan / W, and the demand is weak at present. Most of the enterprises in July are in general.


This week, the main line manufacturers in China began to work well, the start rate was high or even full, the main orders were still overseas, and the two or three line manufacturers were still more difficult. In terms of price, the price of polycrystalline components at present is 2.05 - 2.1 yuan / W, the price of the single crystal conventional component is 2.15 - 2.25 yuan / W, and the price of single crystal perc component is 2.3 - 2.4 yuan / W.