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Mexico Spends $650 Million To Build Desert Solar Power Parks
- May 24, 2018 -

Mexico Spends $650 Million to Build Desert Solar Power Parks    


The desert of Coahuila, Mexico, has installed 2 million 300 thousand solar panels. The distant view is like a deep blue sea in the vast Yellow sand. The largest solar power park in Latin America is built for $650 million (about 860 million new dollars), which is equivalent to 2200 football fields, and the power produced in full operation this year is enough to supply 1 million 300 thousand households. Mexico hopes that by 2024, 43% of the country's electricity will be produced through clean energy.


100 thousand solar rooftop photovoltaic projects to be built in Austria

It is reported that the Austria government has received a new draft of "climate and energy comprehensive draft", which aims to achieve 100% renewable energy supply by 2030, one of which is to carry out "one hundred thousand rooftop photovoltaic power generation" projects.

Earlier, the Austria environment minister Elisabeth and the transport minister Norbert have proposed a new draft plan for the integrated climate and energy strategy "2030 targets".

The goal of the draft is to achieve 100% renewable energy supply by 2030. One of the important steps is the one hundred thousand rooftop photovoltaic power project, which is used in the draft, which is used for solar photovoltaic systems and small household energy storage projects. "Under the new plan, every homeowner can produce the electricity they need," said Elisabeth, Austria's environment minister.

The local photovoltaic Association, the PVA (PVA), welcomed the new draft, but it also stressed the details of how to do the "one hundred thousand rooftop photovoltaic power generation" to be further disclosed. "I hope that the next negotiation process will make these details clear and we have a lot of important work to do, and the next move will allow Austria to meet the EU's clean energy targets in 2030." Hans, the head of the photovoltaic Austria, said.

Hans said that the "one hundred thousand rooftop photovoltaic and small storage solutions" planned in the submitted draft should provide more investment support. In addition to the abolition of the electricity tax, the investment barriers in the relevant laws and regulations should be abolished, especially in the construction of community photovoltaic projects and commercial distributed roofing photovoltaic systems.

However, in response to the above, Greenpeace says it is now urgent to re - adjust climate policy before the current measures are not enough to meet Paris's climate requirements.

In addition, Greenpeace says the proposals are not enough to neutralize Austria's carbon and criticize the lack of specific responsibilities, the lack of a binding timetable and good financing conditions.

The organization said that in order to achieve this goal, greenhouse gases should be reduced by at least 55% in 2030 and energy consumption by 1/3.