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Installation And Cleaning Guide For The Refrigerators
- Jul 30, 2018 -

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1: Direct use of the original vehicle power refrigerator temperature accurately controlled

First of all, in terms of power supply, the refrigerator uses DC compressor and DC module, so the normal use of the original car's 24V power supply, without inverter. If the vehicle refrigerator is directly connected to the main power supply, it is necessary to ensure that the power supply is provided with a fuse.

After connecting a good power supply, after the power is connected, the refrigerator begins to work after 3 seconds of the starting key, and the refrigerating temperature can be set from high to low. The temperature range is set to the ambient temperature to 20 degrees below zero.

2: Automatic shutdown when the battery protection voltage is too low

In the use of refrigerators, Ying De's products have two kinds of automatic shutdown protection mechanism. One is the battery protection function. When the input voltage reaches the minimum limit set, the refrigerator will automatically cut off the compressor to protect the battery; when the voltage is restored to the normal value, the compression opportunity will run automatically. In addition, when the refrigerator angle is greater than 40 degrees C, the refrigerator will also automatically shut down to prevent compressor damage.

3: Make sure that the tuyere is unobstructed every other week

In the process of installation and use of vehicle refrigerators, it is necessary to ensure that the outlet of the radiator fan is completely obstructed and ventilated smoothly. Installation should also be far away from the heat source, otherwise it will cause the power consumption of the refrigerator to increase. In addition, refrigerators should avoid touching more moisture and reduce the chance of rusting of metal parts.

Hot water, alkaline detergent and tin water can not be used to clean vehicle refrigerator.

In the cleaning of the refrigerator, friends have to clean and maintain the refrigerator once every other week, wiping the inner and outer surfaces of the refrigerator with a warm wet cloth. If it is too dirty, it can be cleaned by neutral detergent and then washed with water.

It is strictly prohibited to rinse the shell of the refrigerator directly with water, so as to prevent electrical insulation and rust of metal parts. The following things can damage the coating, plastic parts, can not be used for cleaning: alkaline detergent, soap, grinding powder, hot water, brush, Tiannashui, gasoline, alcohol.

The door seal on the car refrigerator must be kept clean, and the oil stains and deformations should be avoided as far as possible. If the oil (animal or vegetable oil) is attached to the plastic parts in the box for a long time, the plastic is easy to age or crack and make a peculiar smell.

4: The electricity consumption of the refrigerator is affected by many factors

First, the higher the ambient temperature of the refrigerator, the greater the power consumption of the vehicle refrigerator. The more goods stored in the fridge, the more power consumption the refrigerator needs to keep the temperature set. Frequent opening and closing of doors will also increase the power consumption of refrigerators. The lower the setting temperature of the refrigerator, the greater the power consumption, so under normal circumstances do not need to beat the temperature to the lowest, generally frozen goods to - 5 C on the OK.