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India Solar Energy Market Continues To Be Hot, New Round Of Tenders Welcome 5GW Bidding
- Jul 04, 2018 -

According to Mercom capital group information, the India solar (SECI) project bid attracted a total of 5.1 GW technical bids from 12 Parties, and the target was the connection capacity of 3 GW between the national grid transmission systems.

Among them, the largest single project capacity is 1.8 GW, from Japan soft silver group, India Bharti Enterprises Pvt and the joint venture of the Taiwan Foxconn technology group, SBG clean technology company.

Followed by ACME Solar (600 MW), ReNew Power (500 MW), Adani Green (300 MW) and Azure Power (300 MW). Mahindra, Spring Energy, Tata energy and Hero Future Energies bid for 250 MW respectively, while India ACB, Canadian Solar and Mytrah energy are bidding for 200 MW respectively.

It is worth noting that the maximum allowable capacity of individual bidders in solar bidding is increased from 750 megawatts to 1.8 gigas, with a minimum allowable capacity of 200 MW.