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India Does Not Impose A 70% Tax On Imported Solar Battery
- Jun 04, 2018 -

According to the India economic times, the India government has decided not to impose a temporary security tax on solar cells imported from China and Malaysia and to veto a previous 70% tariff proposal.

The India customs and the Central Committee of the fire department put forward the proposal, which requires immediate action in early 2018 in order to prevent further damage to the domestic solar industry, and it is recommended to perform duties within 200 days.


However, the government's policy statement stated that the proposal was not binding, and the high court of Delhi, India, has also dealt with the petition on provisional protection tax in accordance with this statement.

Anand Kumar, Secretary of the new energy and renewable energy department of India, has confirmed the decision not to levy taxes. According to the report, the court ruling "will not exclude the right of the applicant to question any adverse order in accordance with the law".

The so-called safeguard tax proposal comes from the India solar Manufacturer Association (ISMA), which represents five India photovoltaic manufacturers, which account for more than half of the capacity of India's domestic solar cells. The petition against the proposed safeguards proposal was submitted by Acme Solar, saying that such measures would only weaken the solar cell industry.