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How To Use The Car Refrigerator? What Are The Points For Attention?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The emergence of car refrigerators for our travel to bring a lot of convenience, in fact, car refrigerators are a continuation of household refrigerators, the use of semiconductor electronics to achieve the refrigeration effect of an car refrigerator technology. It's not noisy, it's not polluting, and it's lightweight, so car-mounted refrigerators are becoming more and more popular with consumers. But many people don't know how to use the car refrigerator when they buy it. Which parts of the car are more suitable and safe to use? Here's a little bit about how to use the car refrigerator.

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How to use car refrigerators?

When we buy a car refrigerator, we need to buy another multifunctional socket. The reason for buying sockets is to be able to ensure that in the car with the refrigerator, other equipment such as car lights, hands-free equipment can be used at the same time. In addition, if you configure a power converter, so that the car refrigerator can be used at home, in the car all, very convenient. When using the car refrigerator, the air inlet of the refrigerator should not be filled with water as far as possible, so as not to damage the car refrigerator. If in the use of vehicle refrigerators, need to be converted from one temperature to another temperature, need to cut off the power of vehicle refrigerators, about 10 minutes, can be reused. It is impossible for the food stored in the refrigerator to be too hot or corrosive, otherwise it will destroy the inner liner of the refrigerator.

Where is the car refrigerator suitable for use?

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When we choose, we can choose the right refrigerator according to the size of the car, generally for 12 V or 24 V wide voltage. For smaller refrigerators, we can place them in the middle of the copilot or the rear seat; for larger refrigerators, we can consider putting them in the trunk of the car, but the ventilation effect is not very good, so it is recommended not to put them too long.

Matters needing attention in car refrigerator

When using car refrigerators in automobiles, keep the air vents and heat sink holes of car refrigerators unobstructed. In addition, items should not be stuffed into the above two ports of car refrigerators. At the same time, keep away from the heat source on automobiles. If it is in the car refrigerator cleaning, you need to turn off all the power, and can not use a strong detergent to clean.

Above is the use of car refrigerators, and in the use of the process of attention, we should pay attention to the use of car refrigerators in the process of maintenance, and ensure the safety of the use process. And in the choice of products, it is better to be in line with the size of the car, otherwise the car refrigerator is too large, will lead to a narrow space in the car, thus affecting the use of the car refrigerator.