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How To Maintain The Photovoltaic Components In The Super Hot Weather ?
- May 16, 2018 -

Many people think that the sun is hot in summer, and the capacity of the photovoltaic power station will be very high, but in fact, if the temperature is too high, the air humidity is too high, and the severe weather such as heavy rainfall and Thunderstorm in summer often brings negative effects to the photovoltaic power station. So, what do we do with our PV modules?


1. Keep ventilation

PV modules, inverters and distribution boxes must be kept ventilated and airflow maintained. In the initial design, the layout of the components of the photovoltaic power plant is not reasonably arranged, causing the mutual occlusion between the components and components, and affecting the heat dissipation ventilation, which leads to the low power generation, which must be avoided.

2. Clean up in time

While maintaining ventilation, we must also clean up the power station and the surrounding environment, so as not to affect the normal operation of the power station system.

After the completion of the photovoltaic power station, operation and maintenance can not be too careless, especially in summer, it is better to conduct regular inspections. Now not only is the era of solar energy burning, the era of "photovoltaic + energy storage" has come. According to the monitoring report of the energy storage market of GTM in the fourth quarter of 2017, the energy storage market has become the fastest growing part of the solar energy market in the United States.

In the end, the little editor reminds you that when checking the photovoltaic components, we usually use thermal imaging to lock the heating part, or to check the broken line and the failure of the bypass diode by using the broken line detector. If the component is smashed, there is a significant decline in power generation or other abnormal conditions. The user should notify the operation and maintenance personnel to check the photovoltaic system in time. If necessary, it can be sent back to the factory for detection in order to change the damaged PV module in time.