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How To Choose A Car Refrigerator
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Whether the outdoor BBQ refrigerated foods that need to keep fresh, or take out a can of iced drink at any time when you drive, the car refrigerator can bring you a luxury grade of life. After the car recorder, it has become the hottest car electronic equipment at the moment. The car refrigerator that can only be seen in a limousine is now only to be added to your car by itself. So, what are the different types of the car refrigerator and how to choose it? What's the right way to open the car refrigerator?

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Classification of vehicular refrigerators

The vehicle refrigerator is divided into two categories: one is the semiconductor refrigerator, the thermoelectric refrigeration technology is used, and it is often called the cold and warm box. The other is the compressor type vehicle refrigerator, which uses the same compressor refrigeration technology as the household refrigerator.


There is a big difference between them, and rational analysis is needed before purchasing. Semiconductor refrigerator makes use of semiconductor material to form P-N junction, which is cooled at one end and heat at the other end, resulting in "Parr effect". It can simultaneously achieve the function of refrigeration and heat making. In the design of the vehicle refrigerator, the refrigerating end is generally placed in the refrigerator, and the heat end is placed in the refrigerator. The internal structure of the semiconductor refrigerator is simple, there is no mechanical transmission parts, so there is no noise and vibration, the whole weight is very light, and the price is also very cheap compared with a treasure about 400 yuan. But its shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the cooling effect is not very obvious, the minimum temperature of its refrigeration is -5 C, the refrigeration efficiency is very low, it takes a long time to achieve the expected effect, and it is also affected by the environmental temperature.

The compressor mounted refrigerator is very similar to the household refrigerator. Even in the market, the variable frequency vehicle refrigerator has appeared. It can realize large refrigerated volume and achieve very good refrigeration effect under lower power consumption. The minimum temperature can reach -18 C, so as to reach nearly the same freezing capacity of the household refrigerator. The key is that the efficiency is very high. It can stabilize the refrigerator quickly and precisely control the temperature and realize the real ice making function. In addition to the disadvantages of heavy weight and inconvenient carrying, the price of this type of refrigerator is almost 5 times or more of a semiconductor refrigerator.

A semiconductor refrigerator is relatively cheap, but it can not achieve the refrigeration effect, cooling rate is slower than the compressor, if your price is not so sensitive, also hope to get more reliable and more awesome products, we are here to suggest considering the car refrigerator compressor type, the feeling of end The whole image has moved the fridge home to the vehicle, and the life span is relatively long.

Problems needing attention in selecting and buying vehicle/car / outdoor refrigerators

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There are many places to pay attention to when choosing a car refrigerator. The first problem is how to choose the capacity of the vehicle refrigerator. Although it looks as big as possible, it must also take into account the position of the car in the car, the exact size and then the purchase. For example, in the back-up or outdoor picnic, you need to buy more than 30L, but if you need to put it in the back of the central handrails, or only under the conditions of daily commuter, you should try to select a small number of models, such as 10L, to meet the demand.

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And if there is a special requirement for freezing temperature, it is necessary to buy the compressor mounted refrigerator firmly. If the funds are allowed, it is also recommended to choose the type of frequency conversion. This is because the compressor can accurately control the compressor speed, and the internal temperature can be accurately controlled so as to save electricity and reduce the noise. The effect of sound.

Similarly, when choosing different compressors, you can also distinguish noise levels from them and try to choose quiet brand models. Finally, in all kinds of publicity, we should find the functions of long time, earthquake resistance, electromagnetic interference, low voltage protection of electric bottle (avoiding exhaust battery), anti dumping protection (automatic stopping at 45 degrees centigrade, protection of compressor) and other functions. After detailed comparison of these indicators, we can find the most suitable products.

The right way to open the car refrigerator?

Most of the vehicle refrigerators use cigarette outlets to collect electricity, so the length of the power cord and the way of taking the wires in the car need our attention. In the process of use, it is necessary to keep the interior of the vehicle refrigerator clean, avoid putting in corrosive or magnetic objects, so as not to cause damage to the internal components of the vehicle refrigerator. When placing the vehicle refrigerator, it is necessary to orients the air vent or the heat dissipation part to the vacant position so as not to close the seat or the rear wall. The heat dissipation will directly affect the cooling effect and the service life.

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Now in addition to frequency conversion, touch control and other functions, some brands have also joined the most popular APP management mode, so in the intelligent age, it is a cool thing to use the mobile phone to control the temperature of the vehicle refrigerator.


The car fridge can not only store food and beverages, but also store products such as tea, fruit, cosmetics and other products that need low temperature maintenance. Rather than envied the high-end configuration of the luxury car, it is better to choose a suitable vehicle refrigerator in person, which is both economical and practical. You can feel the cool in the heat summer, and take better care of the friends and families .

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