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How To Buy Solar Panels Folding Bag
- Aug 14, 2018 -

How to buy solar panels folding bag?


Solar folding package is a kind of digital product charging by converting solar energy into electricity through solar panels. It has the advantages of folding, portable and so on. It has the demand for power in various scenes such as traveling.

Solar folding package is a new type of high-tech solar energy products, with intelligent regulation function, can adjust different output voltage and current. It can charge different charging products, MP3. MP4. PDA, digital cameras, mobile phones and other products. Solar panels folding bag is small in volume, high in capacity and long in service life. It is suitable for travel, long distance traveling, boating, field work and other environments and students'standby power supply. It has the characteristics of safety protection, good compatibility, large capacity, small in volume and long service life. Now let's talk about how to buy solar energy folding bags.

The key to the quality of solar energy folding bags is:

One: Using efficiency. The conversion efficiency of solar panels, as the name implies, refers to the conversion efficiency of light into electricity; the general conversion rate of solar panels is only 14-16%, charging speed is slow; a good conversion rate can reach about 23%.

Two: Voltage constant output, control circuit and protection circuit. Solar folding packs on the market today are very complex, and the protection and control circuits inside them may be simple to design, or in poor compatibility, easy to damage mobile phones or shorten the life of mobile phones and batteries. So the design of control circuit and protection circuit is very important.

Three: Accessories for solar charger. This problem is often ignored by many users, but it can not be ignored. There are bad suppliers in the market to configure inferior accessories for price advantage, so special attention should be paid to the selection of solar chargers.

Types of solar folding bags:

1. Solar folding bags generally cover between 5W and 300W. They are too large to be manufactured and generally do not require such large panels for outdoor activities.

2. Solar folding package can be customized according to customer requirements for size, wattage, different types of solar panels, folding, output interface, output line and so on.

3. solar folding bags can be designed for customers, board services, various forms of LOGO requirements, etc.

4. Solar folding packages can be customized for customers or provide standard circuit boards such as single USB, dual USB, single USB + DC output voltage regulator or linear output.

The solar energy folding bag is currently uneven in price and quality in the domestic market. It is also suggested that we should choose a certain brand, such as Guorui Sunshine; a good solar folding package, to consider the use of efficiency, circuit design and other issues, from technology to materials need to spend a relatively large cost. Obviously, cheap solar chargers are hard to do. After a comprehensive survey of solar chargers to a certain extent, I personally believe that solar chargers at too low retail prices are generally difficult to meet or meet consumer expectations.