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How Can The Roof Of The Photovoltaic Power Plant Be Saved?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The fire status of the rooftop photovoltaic power station should be judged first by various means, and the corresponding power is disconnected to extinguish the fire, because it is safer to extinguish the fire after the power break.

However, as photovoltaic modules receive sunlight in the daytime, each group will produce a few hundred volts of DC voltage, and it can not cut off the characteristics of the power supply immediately, or if it is waiting to cut off the power, it will delay the time to spread the fire and expand the burning area. At this time, we must ensure the safety of fire extinguisher, and conduct live fire fighting.

The DC output current of photovoltaic system should be reduced as far as possible before the fire is put out. Fire extinguishing blanket, or fire quilt, fire extinguishing blanket, fire blanket, fire blanket, fire retardant blanket, are woven fabrics made of glass fiber and other materials through special treatment. It is a kind of very soft fire-fighting equipment. The main function is to shield the sun, reduce or lose the voltage of the photovoltaic module, and cover the fire and air, so as to achieve the purpose of safety and fire extinguishing.

The concrete use of the fire extinguishing blanket is to take out the fire blanket quickly in the early stage of the fire. One person holds the two corners of a short side of a fire blanket with both hands, and the palm faces his own chest. Another person holds the two corners of the other short side of the fire blanket with both hands, shakes out the fire blanket, gently covers the fire blanket over the fire component, uses the output voltage to decrease gradually, and takes active fire extinguishing measures until the fire is completely extinguished.

When it is implemented, we should also pay attention to the following:

1) correct selection of fire extinguishing equipment

The general situation is not allowed to use foam extinguishing agent or water to extinguish the photovoltaic power equipment, because the fire extinguishing agent of the foam extinguisher (water solution, jet flow and so on) has certain conductivity, and it has an influence on the insulation of the electrical equipment, so it is not suitable for the extinguishing of the electric equipment.

Chemical dry powder extinguishing agents (ammonium phosphate dry powder extinguishing agent and ammonium phosphate dry powder extinguisher) are commonly used.

2) fire equipment and live parts should be kept at a safe distance.

For example, the minimum distance between the body, the nozzle and the charged body is that the voltage of 10 K V and below should not be less than 0.4m, and those with voltage of 35kV and above should not be less than 0.6m, for example, when the fire extinguisher, such as chemical dry powder and other non conducting fire extinguishers, is put out.

When the high voltage electrical equipment or line of the photovoltaic power station is grounded, the rescue personnel shall not enter the distance to the fault point 4m. In the outdoor, the rescue personnel shall not be close to the fault point 8m. When entering the above range, the insulating shoes must be worn (the pressure grade 10KV above). When the equipment is exposed to the shell and the frame, the insulating gloves should be worn. .

3) if the fire fire of the photovoltaic power station is very high, ask the firefighters to support the rescue, before carrying out the rescue, the firefighters should be reminded: the rooftop photovoltaic equipment is still charged, can not cut off the DC side power for a time, and can not be saved directly by water.

If a special case is not necessary to use a water gun to extinguish fire, spray water guns should be adopted. In the fire of the overhead line, the elevation between the body and the charged body should not be greater than 45 degrees, and should stand on the outside of the line so as to prevent the wire from falling and touching the electric shock. In addition, if there is a live conductor landing, a certain warning area should be laid out to prevent the step voltage.