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Five Reasons To Install Solar Power System On Home Roof
- May 18, 2018 -

With the gradual popularization of solar photovoltaic, people gradually understand and recognize this new thing. The support of a piece of blue roof slowly spreads to every corner of the world.

What is the magic of distributed photovoltaic roofs that can swept the world? Aitan New Energy can tell you that there are five reasons to install solar power systems on the roof of your home!


Energy structure change

Due to the large-scale exploitation and utilization of fossil energy resources for many years, leading to a series of difficulties such as shortage of resources, environmental pollution, and climate change, the importance of the energy structure reform is becoming increasingly prominent!

The world’s attention has gradually turned to nature’s blessing “green energy”, such as clean renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower. With the goal of "mainly clean energy and supplemented by fossil fuels", it is being realized step by step under the vigorous development and support of the country. However, solar energy such as wind power and water energy is more suitable for urban development because of higher requirements for site conditions and natural conditions. Just roof and sunlight can generate electricity, which is definitely the best choice for home power stations!


Save money and make more money

Is there any good thing in this world that can serve two purposes? Home distributed photovoltaic is!

First of all, start from the perspective of saving money. Computers, water heaters, air conditioners, range hoods, LCD TVs... This is the standard for home appliances. Naturally, the use of electricity is inevitable. After installing the photovoltaic power station, household electricity was taken from solar energy, which greatly reduced the electricity bill.


Second, how can we make money? It will benefit from the substantial subsidies supported by the country. At present, the home-distributed photovoltaic generally adopts the mode of “self-use, excess electricity online”. For a subsidy of up to 20 years, the state subsidy is 0.42 yuan/degree. Coupled with local subsidy policies everywhere, the yield reached about 15%, and the gains are indeed substantial! The monthly or quarterly electricity revenues and subsidies that the people care about will be paid by the power grid companies and directly into the bank cards of the owners.


In addition, home-distributed photovoltaics have an additional invincible skill - cooling insulation. Because the solar panel's own endothermic properties ensure that the roof itself is not exposed to sunlight, then the house also maintains a relatively cool constant temperature, achieving a true power saving effect. Therefore, in the summer at 35 degrees Celsius, with distributed photovoltaic thermal insulation, the indoor temperature instantly fell to 30 degrees. Save large air-conditioning costs for electricity consumption, and instant monthly bills are considerable.


Change environmental pollution

With the emergence of extreme weather in recent years, the storms in the city of Sui and Shacheng have raged. Environmental issues have become more and more problems that we cannot ignore! As the main force of energy for many years, coal-fired power has brought a lot of damage to our environment. And a good industrial economy will surely create a wide and deep clustering effect. For example, fat papers all over the world are losing weight. Therefore, the industrial economy such as gymnasium, vegetable salad, and low-fat milk will be particularly prosperous.


This is also true for the corresponding photovoltaics. It has changed the long-term energy structure of humans, cut off the dominant position of coal power, and achieved complete zero-emission cleanliness standards, so that the entire earth will not be polluted by various gases and harmful substances. How can a resource that is so full of energy not be sought after and utilized?


How much impact does the small photovoltaic panel have on the environment? Athan New can speak with data! For example, a small-scale distributed power generation system with an installed capacity of 3 kilowatts can generate 3,650 degrees of electricity annually and generate 91,250 degrees of power in 25 years, equivalent to 36.5 tons of standard coal, 94.9 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and 0.8 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. It is conceivable that when solar photovoltaics prop up the roof of our city, the corresponding sky will be more blue!

Standard on the roof

In the past, in the design of home architecture, people often pursued European styles with elaborate construction and complex shapes. In the renovation, they always pursued luxury retro style. However, as the style of minimalism and glass windows became more and more sought after, new home building design standards began to emerge, such as the solar power system that renovates roofs.


In foreign countries, buildings are basically single-family buildings, surrounded by relatively empty buildings, and there are no shelters. Therefore, the roof area of buildings has been used in the largest area. After considering environmental protection and energy saving, people gradually began to reform roof designs. The inclined roof or flat roof began to completely replace the former European multi-roof roof, which provides the most basic space for the installation of solar power systems.


This trend of fashion decoration has also been blown to the other side of the ocean in China. More and more families have chosen the solar power system as the standard on the roof. Distributed photovoltaic roof not only promotes the owner's green concept, but also highlights the owner's fashion taste.