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Five Major Issues Of Concern When Installing Distributed Photovoltaic Power Stations
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Question 1, how to determine whether the roof is suitable for installing distributed photovoltaic?

The advantages of distributed photovoltaic (distributed photovoltaic) are well known. But because of its particularity, it is not suitable for every roof to install distributed photovoltaic. For non villa owners, if you want to install distributed photovoltaic, you need the consent of the entire residents and the consent of the residents' committee. The owners of the villa need to judge the direction and distribution of the distributed PV only. Because the distributed photovoltaic (PV) uses solar panels to convert the solar energy into electricity, it is very important for the sun to shine. The south facing roof is the most suitable for installing the distributed photovoltaic. Secondly, the roof has no obstruction before and after, so it will not affect the sunlight. Finally, the roof should have a large area to install solar panels to maximize power generation.

Question two, how to choose the price of distributed photovoltaic?

In recent years, the popularity of distributed photovoltaic has made the owners love the energy saving and environmental protection green energy. However, due to the uneven quality level of the photovoltaic industry service providers, let some low qualified decoration teams take advantage of it. The low price of distributed photovoltaic will sometimes deceive the owners' eyes. How do we choose to install distributed PV?

It's even more important for distributed PV. From the initial layout design to the subsequent installation, this will affect the service life and power generation of distributed photovoltaic in the next 20-25 years. Distributed PV does not make use of simple household appliances, but requires professional technology for commercial photovoltaic systems to tailor their own photovoltaic power stations to each household. Therefore, please do not cause future losses because of some low profits.

Question three, how to apply for distributed photovoltaic grid connected generation system to Power Grid Corp?

Many owners are confused about how to install distributed photovoltaic. In fact, photovoltaic grid connection procedures are not complex, professional photovoltaic system vendors will help you solve these problems. Let's take a look at the process of applying for networking.

The owner of the distributed project will submit the access application to the city or county customer service center of the Power Grid Corp after preparing the relevant information. The customer service center assists the project owner to fill in the application form. The customer service center will confirm the project owner to confirm the access system program after the application is accepted in the time limit of the Power Grid Corp commitment. After the completion of the project, the owner puts forward the application of grid acceptance and debugging to the customer service center. The power grid enterprises will complete the installation of electric energy metering devices, purchase and sell electricity contracts and dispatch agreements, check and debug the electricity, and then the project can be connected to the grid.

Question four, what are the ways of distributing PV subsidies to the owners?

As one of the benefits of installing distributed photovoltaic, how to distribute subsidies has always been one of the most concerned issues for owners. At present, distributed photovoltaic is generally using the mode of self utilization and surplus power Internet. For the power generation of the photovoltaic system, the surplus photovoltaic power is measured and counted by the power grid enterprises. All the power generation capacity of the photovoltaic system can be subsidized by the state electricity quota. According to the measurement data of the photovoltaic power, the power grid enterprises forward the state subsidy funds according to the standard of the state subsidy.

Therefore, as long as the owners wait for electricity generation subsidies to enter your original bank card.

Question five, how long is the service life and power generation of distributed PV?

At present, the distributed photovoltaic system without energy storage and storage has a service life of about 20 years -25 years. For power generation, due to the capacity of the local solar energy, the installed capacity of the roof and the local weather conditions, there is no standard power generation data standard. For example, in Shanghai, the capacity of the installed capacity per kilowatt is about 1200 degrees, so the installed capacity of the 5 kilowatts of the villa in Shanghai is about one year. 6000 degrees of electricity can be sent.