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EU's Tariffs On Photovoltaic Imports From China May Be Delayed Until 2019.
- Jun 21, 2018 -

EU's tariffs on photovoltaic imports from China may be delayed until 2019.

According to Reuters, the European Commission is considering a new expiry review, in order to limit the import China photovoltaic products to the EU trade measures may last until 2019.

The European Commission in December 2013 to Chinese photovoltaic products anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties. These measures should be ended in December 2015, but regulators then start the review due. In March 2017 the EU reached a decision, the phasing out of these trade measures within 18 months, completely to the end of September 2018.

Reuters quoted sources as saying that the EU has at least one solar panel manufacturers require new expiry review. This is the China decided to limit the 2018 new solar power production came shortly after.

Some market research company said that the global solar market is facing a new round of the wave of pile up in excess of requirement. EnergyTrend and GTM Research are the prediction of China solar demand by 40%.

Vietnam: 2030 renewable energy accounted for 10%

According to the Deputy Secretary for the Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam electricity and Renewable Energy Bureau Ruan Wencheng said, Vietnam has great potential of renewable energy, small hydropower reached 7000 MW, 27000 MW of wind power, biomass power up to 2000 MW of solar power is about 4-5 kwh / m2 / year. In addition, Vietnam proposed in 2030 will increase the proportion of renewable energy power generation to 10% by 2020, wind power reached 800 MW, 6000 MW in 2030. At present, Vietnam has a total of 7 wind power projects, a total of 197 MW of power generation capacity is put into use.

The new Spanish government will cancel the solar tax

Spain's new government may be distributed solar power implementation of tax in the autumn of 2015 the former government launched the cancellation policy.

Teresa Ribera, the new Spanish Minister of ecology, said in a more ambitious 2030 European EU renewable energy goal statement that the Ministry of ecology would support the European Parliament's barriers to the prohibition of the so-called "solar tax" and the development of self consumption patterns for solar families and businesses. However, for more details when you can cancel the tax is not provided.

Last week, the Spanish Association of solar energy Unef announced support for the appointment of Teresa Ribera. Unef Association said, "we hope that the new government will abide by the political plan commitments, including the elimination of the solar tax and as everyone knows, the self imposed administrative barriers and other consumer items.

Cancel the solar tax may further promote the roof photovoltaic market in Spain, especially C & I project. According to the regulations, only 10 kW photovoltaic system should be exempt from tax.

Despite the tax effect, last year, there are about 135 megawatts of new photovoltaic systems connected to the grid in spain. This increase was significantly greater than the previous three years, driven mainly by the use of small grid connected photovoltaic system and independent agricultural system.