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EU Officially Announced The Cancellation Of China's Imports Of Photovoltaic Products Double Anti
- Sep 05, 2018 -

EU officially announced the cancellation of China's imports of photovoltaic products double anti

On August 31, the European Commission announced that the EU decided to end anti-dumping and countervailing measures against Chinese solar photovoltaic cells and components at midnight on September 3.

According to the statement, the decision was made after taking into account the interests of EU solar panel manufacturers, users and importers, and it would be in the best interest of the EU as a whole not to extend these measures. In addition, the decision is also conducive to achieving the EU's new renewable energy targets.

In addition, the committee said that in its March 2017 decision, the Committee aims to strike a balance between users, importers and European Union solar panel manufacturers. The committee also wants to ensure that EU consumers can buy panels at prices close to global market prices.

"The Commission noted that the market situation had not changed so much that it was justified to further expand the measures after the current 18 months," the statement said. Therefore, it rejected the EU industry's request for a review of the expiration date. "

China's Ministry of Commerce spokesman spoke on September 1 in response to the EU's termination of anti-dumping and countervailing measures against photovoltaic products in China.

The spokesman welcomed the gradual settlement of the photovoltaic trade dispute between China and Europe, which is the result of the joint efforts of the government and the industry under the high-level concern of both sides and a model of successful settlement of trade frictions through consultation. The termination of the EU's dual countermeasures against China will restore China-EU photovoltaic trade to a normal market state, provide a more stable and predictable business environment for bilateral industry cooperation, and truly realize the mutual benefit and win-win situation between the two industries.

In addition, the spokesman pointed out that photovoltaic products are important clean energy products, and their increasingly widespread application is conducive to the effective response to climate change, and is of great significance to the realization of greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. At present, the urgency and importance of climate action and clean energy transformation are becoming increasingly apparent. China is willing to continue to uphold the existing spirit of cooperation and work with the European Union to promote global greenhouse gas emission reduction, climate adaptation and sustainable development; to promote global free trade and the rule-based multilateral trading system for all-round development. Greenhouse gases contribute to low emission economies and their welfare.