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Early Warning Rooftop PV Is On Fire Again. This Is Actually A Primary School Roof.
- May 31, 2018 -

Photovoltaic power generation is a good thing, but if we do not pay attention to it or maintain it unreasonably, especially in summer, it will cause fire.

Recently, a primary school roof photovoltaic power plant fire occurred, watching the billowing smoke, across the screen can smell the scorching smell!


Early warning rooftop PV is on fire again. This is actually a primary school roof.

The coming of summer is a good thing for the users of photovoltaic power stations, and the revenue will also increase. Fire, photovoltaic power station is worthy of the "Nemesis", there will always be a lesson from the blood of the power station fire, let users "talk about the change of fire". So how should we prevent it from being in the bud?

According to statistics, more than 80% of the fire accidents in photovoltaic power stations are caused by DC side faults. In particular, the thermal spot, DC short-circuit, quality problems of DC power distribution cabinet, fuse problem and so on. DC arcing is inevitable in rooftop power plants. Because there are thousands of joints in the entire power station, any one of the joints is not in contact with a direct current arc, and an arc will cause a fire, which is also a "pain point" for the safety of the photovoltaic power station. But is it not for rooftop photovoltaic power stations to have a fire that can only be watched as the houses burned down? This issue has always been a topic of discussion in the photovoltaic industry.

In fact, PV power station is not a flood beast, and like the household electric power system, there are certain risks but can correctly understand the risk of the safety of the photovoltaic power station and take various protective measures to reduce the accident rate or reduce the loss of personal and property.

Analysis of fire hazard

Photovoltaic power station fire risk of larger equipment has confluence box, inverter, battery, connector, distribution cabinet and transformer, easy to happen electrical fire.  The main buildings in the photovoltaic power station are the integrated control room and the transformer substation. For the substation with a voltage of more than 35kV and a single transformer capacity of 5000kV A and above, the scale of the transformer belongs to the application model of the fire power plant and substation design fire protection code [1] (hereinafter referred to as "the thermal power code"). The fire protection design can be carried out with reference to the code, and the fire protection design for other substations should be implemented by the GB50016 2006 code for building design fire protection [2] (hereinafter referred to as "construction regulations").

According to the characteristics of the buildings in the photovoltaic power station, according to the code of thermal power, the fire hazard classification of the construction (structure) of the photovoltaic power station and the fire resistance grade are like table 1 [1]. When a cable sandwich cable is used as a kind of fire retardant cable, the fire danger can be a kind of fire hazard. When the integrated control room does not take measures to prevent the extension of the cable after ignition, the fire danger should be C; the distribution device and the outside distribution device determine the fire danger according to the oil content of the equipment.