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Do You Know Lithium Ion Batteries?Do You Know The Portable Power Station? Let Me Tell You
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The structure of lithium ion battery:

Lithium ion batteries are usually made up of the following parts:

1. electric core, the battery can charge the main part of the discharge;

2. protection circuit, battery protection line;

3.PTC, thermal temperature coefficient fuse;

4. shell, battery container;

5. label;

6. connector;

7. nickel band;

8. high temperature insulating paper;

9. wires;

10. heat shrinkable tube;

11.PVC set;


13. identification resistance and so on.

portable power station.png

                                                                          Portable power station

The components of the lithium ion electric core:

The positive pole of 

1. Lithium ion electric core

Lithium ion batteries are mainly composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, separator paper, electrolyte, shell and so on.

Before the manufacture of positive pole, the engineering department shall provide the bill of material, and the production department shall prepare the required production materials according to the bill of materials, work instructions and other documents.


2. Shell of lithium ion electric core

Commonly used lithium ion battery shell has steel shell, aluminum shell, aluminum foil and so on. The electric core of steel shell is cheap and easy to spot welding. The disadvantage is heavy weight and low capacity. Aluminum shell has good toughness, light weight, high power ratio, and aluminum foil is mainly used in polymer core, and the quality is the lightest.

portable power supply.png

Lithium ion battery Portable power station