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Common Car Accessories Purchase Guide--Car Refrigerator
- Jun 12, 2018 -

       "Summer summer quietly left a little secret!" Summer has just arrived! As a car racer, in the summer came what you want to add to your car? Car refrigerator is definitely the first choice, then for the car refrigerator, how do we choose? A lot of car owners should be how to buy a car refrigerator?

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        There are five elements that you should pay attention to when choosing a car refrigerator: quality, price, cooling, volume, and seismic performance.

NO1: Quality

        Many friends will ask, how do you know the quality? Quality is not only used to know it? In fact, it does not necessarily have to look at big brands, because generally the quality of large brand manufacturers will be relatively guaranteed, but the prices are more expensive because of high publicity fees. Some small brands are also of good quality. They do not advertise, so the cost of promotion is low, and the price of the products is relatively low. And these small brands also do a good job after the sale because they only have good quality and good service. In order to gain a firm foothold in the market.

NO2 : Price


Mid-range price consumption is most loved by the owners. While the mid-range product quality is guaranteed, the price is relatively low and can be accepted by most people.

NO3: Cooling

        There are two kinds of car refrigerators, one is a single refrigeration which can be cooled to below 0°C, and the other is a cold and warm machine, which can be used for cooling or heating, and can choose the right car refrigerator according to its own practical needs. It should be noted that if you choose a single refrigeration refrigerator, you need to look at the minimum cooling temperature, the current minimum temperature of some car refrigerators sold can only go to 5 °C, this cooling effect is in fact not far enough to meet a variety of food in summer Mobile storage requirements. Many compressor refrigeration refrigerators, for example, the following car refrigerator, the minimum temperature can reach -18 °C, truly "let chilly delicious, with the journey", thus becoming a must-have travel.

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NO4: Volume

        The volume of car refrigerators currently sold is generally from 6 to 90 liters. How much should you buy? It can be based on the size of your car's space.

NO5: Seismic effect

        In the car, it is inevitable that there will be strong vibration on the road. The shock absorption effect must be considered. Finally, you can hear the car refrigerator noise during the work process is not big, whether to use USB or cigarette lighter access, whether safe and energy-saving and so on. In general, an excellent car refrigerator should be a self-driving tour device with low energy consumption in mobile cooling, stylish and light weight, and excellent cooling effect. It will definitely add a lot of fun to your self-driving tour.