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China's Photovoltaic Industry Development Trend Analysis: The Industry Prospects Is Broad In The Future
- May 17, 2018 -

As a new energy industry with great development value, the photovoltaic industry has the characteristics of high efficiency and sustainable utilization, which make all countries enter into the development and utilization of the industry successively. In recent years, the global photovoltaic industry has experienced a leap forward development. The new installed capacity has increased from 2.8GW in 2007 to 75.4GW in 2016, and the great potential of photovoltaic power generation has attracted more and more attention.

With the breakthrough of the solar power generation technology in the last two years, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is gradually decreasing, and the proportion of photovoltaic power generation is increasing year by year. By 2050, photovoltaic power will account for 16% of the global electricity consumption. Solar power generation will become an important source of power in the world, and its market space needs to be released.

In recent years, photovoltaic power generation in China has shown a good momentum of rapid development, and gradually to industrialization and scale development. With the future of the further benign and continuous development of the photovoltaic industry, the continuous improvement of the technical level of photovoltaic products and the continuous decline of the cost will become the goal of the enterprises. Judging from the overall scale, technological level and cost control advantages of the industry, leading enterprises have a significant competitive advantage over backward enterprises.

With the continuous reduction of photovoltaic subsidies in the future, the realization of photovoltaic parity is an inevitable trend in the future industry development. The decline of the price of photovoltaic products will compress the profit space of the enterprises, and the gap between the backward enterprises with low technical level, small brand name and poor financing ability will become more and more big. The situation is more difficult to survive and even be eliminated. With the continuous elimination of backward enterprises, competition among leading enterprises will intensify, and the concentration of industries will be further improved.

According to the prospective industry research institute "China PV industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" data show that the domestic scale is once more innovative, and the distributed propulsion equipment is over expected. In 2017, China's PV installed 53.06GW increased to a record high.  The main reason is the rapid development of distributed PV, which drives the installation of the industry to exceed expectations. In 2017, photovoltaic power plant installed 33.62GW, an increase of 11%, and distributed PV installed 19.44GW, up 3.7 times over the same period, becoming a rapid growth area. As the central and eastern part of the country is the load center, there is no light and extinction problem, the superimposed desulfurization and denitrification electricity price is high, the economy of spontaneous self use mode is prominent, and the distributed photovoltaic can achieve explosive growth.

China's photovoltaic industry development trend analysis industry broad prospects for the future

Global photovoltaic additions have maintained steady growth. At present, photovoltaic power parity has accelerated to the Internet, and the installed capacity of the global PV market is expected to continue to maintain steady growth. According to the forecast, the installed capacity of global PV will reach 163GW in 2025, and the future of the industry will be broad. In addition, as India, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Australia, South America, the Middle East and other emerging market countries and regions have accelerated the future economic growth, their demand for energy, especially electricity demand, will increase dramatically. Countries have formulated a favorable and sustainable production support policy for promoting photovoltaic development, and the potential of new installed capacity is huge. The long tail effect is obvious. In the future, it will become a strong support for global photovoltaic demand.

The household use of photovoltaic market is broad, and the future is promising. It is expected to have more than 40 million independent roofs in China, of which about 50% have the conditions for Installing Photovoltaic systems. Assuming that the capacity of each set is 5kW, the installed capacity can reach 100GW. If 20% - 50% of the roofs with installation conditions are installed with photovoltaic systems, the market will reach 3200-8000 billion yuan, and the number of roofs that have already been developed is less than 5%, and the market prospects are good. In 2018, the total installed capacity of household photovoltaic in China is expected to reach 6 - 8GW, and the market size is expected to exceed 10GW in 2020.

With the continuous progress of photovoltaic technology, the degree of fine differentiation of the photovoltaic market is also increasing. In addition to the application types of traditional photovoltaic power generation, such as ground power stations and distributed, the combination of photovoltaic technology and civilian products begins to show vitality. Photovoltaic industry is becoming one of the fastest growing emerging industries in the world as governments formulate industrial support policies to promote the development of photovoltaic industry.