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Car Refrigerator Market Is Very Deep. Are You Sure You Have Chosen The Right One?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

 Tips 1: Understanding the refrigeration principle of car refrigerators

The most important function of refrigerators is to refrigerate, and for the car refrigerator refrigeration is the heart of the refrigerator. Then there are compressor refrigeration and semiconductor refrigeration for refrigeration. Here are the two principles of refrigeration.

Semiconductor refrigeration principle:

Electronic semiconductor refrigerators are based on the Peltier effect of semiconductors, which means that when a semiconductor component is powered on, the heat will be transferred from one end to the other. The cold end is pasted on the inner tank of the refrigerator through the cold guide block to achieve the refrigeration effect; the hot end is radiated through the radiator and cooperated with the cooling fan to release the heat into the air outside the box.

Compressor refrigeration principle:

Through mechanical compression (compressor), convective heat transfer (condenser), and throttle pressure reduction (capillary) to get liquid refrigerant, liquid refrigerant in the refrigerator box evaporation into a gas phase (evaporator), through phase change to take away the heat in the box, so as to achieve refrigeration effect; finally gas refrigerant back to the compressor; repeat the above process, refrigeration system The energy source continuously transfers the heat in the box to the outside of the box, thus achieving the effect of refrigeration.

Tips 2: Understanding the classification of car refrigerators

Many people may not buy the fridge, probably because they do not know the classification of vehicle refrigerators. Of course, these principles tell us that in-car refrigerators are mainly compressor refrigeration and semiconductor refrigeration.But that may not be enough to help us choose refrigerators better for the elite to feel more intuitively

The difference between semiconductors and compressors is also to help you make better choices. We have made further analysis for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of semiconductor and compressor:

Semiconductor refrigerator: poor refrigeration effect, temperature error, poor insulation effect, high power consumption easy to damage the battery, short service life

Compressor car refrigerator: freezing refrigeration, accurate temperature control, 72 hours constant temperature, 45-50W low power consumption, long service life

Tips 3: Three key points for selecting car refrigerators/ portable freezer

Choose low power consumption. I don't think Xiao Ying explains this. Everyone knows why. Low power consumption is not only easy to use, but also saves resources. Our car-mounted refrigerators have very low power consumption, only about 50 watts of power, which is equivalent to the power consumption of the car-mounted navigator.

Choose large capacity. Car refrigerator not only requires low power consumption, but also needs large capacity to meet the needs of self driving.

Refrigeration: choose compressor refrigeration. After the above analysis, we choose refrigerators, refrigeration must choose compressor refrigeration, not only refrigeration effect is good, but also environmental protection.

Refrigeration speed: Compressor refrigeration than semiconductor refrigeration, refrigeration speed has a greater advantage.

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