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Battery Production Bottlenecks Should Only Be A Temporary
- Dec 04, 2017 -

The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2025, renewable energy development and national energy policies will result in a global energy storage demand of up to 21 GW, and if such a scale is to be met, all energy policies must undergo considerable reforms to make the industry so active Promote energy storage.

It is estimated that 1% of abandoned wind will be abandoned by the United Kingdom in 2030, 3% in Germany, 3% in Britain by 2040, and 16% by Germany. It is a pity that these extra energy sources will be renounced as energy storage and the biggest business opportunity. Elastic power generation methods such as gas-fired power generation and demand response to "virtual energy storage" will also be thriving. Demand-side management technologies such as intelligently controlling the charging time of electric vehicles and dynamically adjusting industrial electricity loads can stabilize the power grid quickly. In contrast, base-load generation methods such as nuclear power and coal-fired power generation, which have the same control over the generation of electricity or electricity, must be issued at any time and major challenges will be faced in the event of surplus power.

However, Bloomberg New Energy Finance optimistic about the lithium battery may hit the shadow of the reality, its optimistic expectation is based on the large-scale production of lithium batteries on top of, but out of lithium battery capacity may not be so smooth to Tesla, the industry leader, for example, announced the 2015 launch of Powerwall and Powerpack energy storage products, but after two years the delivery can be very unstable, with many customers delayed for several months to receive it Battery, Tesla and Cooperative Power Conclude Collaboration Without Constructor Orders, South Australia's Energy Storage System Uses Samsung Products Instead of Own Batteries, Model 3 Shipments Delays Due to Gigafactory Battery Bottlenecks, Many Conditions Show Battery production is not as good as the original publicity.

Tesla said one of the reasons for delays in delivery of Powerwall and Powerpack was to send hundreds of Powerwall systems to Puerto Rico in support of the storm in Puerto Rico. However, from all aspects of the Gigafactory production capacity may be somewhat different from the original publicity. Although Tesla should gradually introduce new capacity, Tesla has introduced new products in order to maintain its cash flow, such as launching the latest electric semitrailer, 500 miles battery life and 500 truckloads Mileage, the number of batteries required must be quite staggering, is likely to once again drag the other energy storage products shipped.

However, the battery shipping bottleneck is likely to be a temporary phenomenon. Although it may delay the development of the energy storage industry, the bottleneck will eventually be solved. Energy storage may not be able to meet the 6-fold growth expectation of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, however, Pretty much anticipated.