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Austria Plans To Build 100,000 Solar Roof Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects
- Apr 19, 2018 -

    Austria plans to build 100,000 solar roof photovoltaic power generation projects

     It is reported that the Austrian government has recently received a new "comprehensive draft for climate and energy". The goal of the draft is to achieve 100% renewable energy supply by 2030. One of the important measures is to carry out "100,000 rooftop photovoltaic power generation." project.

      Earlier, Austrian Environment Minister Elisabeth and Minister of Communications Norbert have proposed a new draft plan to integrate climate and energy strategy "2030 target draft."

       The goal of the draft is to achieve 100% renewable energy supply by 2030. One of the important steps is the “100,000 Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Generation” project mentioned in the draft, which is used for solar photovoltaic systems and home small-scale energy storage projects. "Under the new plan, each homeowner can produce the electricity he needs," said Austrian environment minister Elisabeth.

      The local photovoltaic association, Photovoltaic Austria (PVA), welcomed the new draft, but it also stressed the details of how to do “100,000 rooftop PV power generation” to be further disclosed. “I hope that the next negotiation process will make these specific implementation details clear. We still have a lot of important work to do. The next steps will allow Austria to meet the EU's requirements for clean energy by 2030.” Photovoltaics Austria The person in charge said Hans.

       Hans said that the proposed “100,000 roof photovoltaic power generation and small storage solution” in the submitted draft should provide more investment support. In addition to the cancellation of electricity tariffs, investment barriers in related regulations should also be removed. In particular, the development of community photovoltaic projects and commercial distributed rooftop photovoltaic systems should be promoted.

       However, in response to these actions, Greenpeace stated that there is an urgent need to readjust the climate policy. The existing measures have not been sufficient to meet the objectives of the Paris climate requirements.

       In addition, Greenpeace claimed that these proposals are not sufficient to make Austria's carbon neutral and criticize the lack of specific responsibilities, lack of binding timetables, and good financing conditions.

      The organization stated that in order to achieve this goal, greenhouse gases should be reduced by at least 55% by 2030 and energy consumption by one-third.