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Argentina World Cup Wins And PV Parity: Which Is More Promising?
- Jun 28, 2018 -

In this period of time, I believe a large number of people, like me, are swollen with a yawn and reluctantly persisting in their jobs, although full of exhaustion, but the spirit is still exuberant. Steal a glimpse of a cell phone, brush a brush with the smooth promotion of the news and passages of Argentina, looking up at the same face of the same face tired colleagues, a smile, each one's heart. As a traditional team, and Messi, known as "the best player in the world," Argentina has been regarded as the winner from the beginning, but no one would think that in this world cup, Argentina would be so difficult.


This world cup is very different from the last one. For example, in this world cup, there is no more business like Yingli to advertise photovoltaic power to the world cup. The last World Cup photovoltaic power came out, not only because of the British advertising, but more of the stadium for the world cup, such as the Brazil National Stadium, the Ma La karna stadium, and so on. Clean the branding of low carbon.

Now, four years have passed, and another world cup is coming. In the past four years, most teams have replaced the old ones with a new generation. In this world cup, the competition is so splendid that no one can guarantee which team can win the championship. No one can say that it will not break out a black horse suddenly, the stadium is unpredictable, the charm of competitive sports lies in this. However, although the game is always full of suspense, but one thing is very certain: even if Brazil, Spain, France, Argentina and other teams are stronger, even if C Luo, Messi, Neymar and other players are so strong, they have no way to win the Chinese team in this world cup even one game, they can not even make the best of their efforts. The national team lost a ball. The successive World Cup has been so stable that the strength of the national football team has become a unique scenic spot in the world cup.


Argentina winning and photovoltaic evaluation of the Internet

In the past four years, the photovoltaic industry has also achieved tremendous development. If we take the world cup as the goal of a team, the goal of the PV industry is to achieve parity. At present, after a long period of effort, the world's top teams have gathered together to touch the cup, and photovoltaic power generation, through the rapid development of these years, is only "close to the door".

Before the start of the world cup, Argentina was seen as the top spot because of the convergence of stars and the star of Messi. But Messi, who was placed high hopes, missed the penalty spot for the first time. Argentina finally tied up with Iceland, and the second scene was bloodbath in Croatia 3:0. The performance was unforeseen for the fans.

Similar to Argentina, before May 31st of this year, China's photovoltaic industry has been advancing all the way. Before "531", people in the industry shouted slogans: this year's installation or super 50GW! The cost of photovoltaic is falling quickly! Achieve parity ahead of time! However, once the "531" new deal is released, the industry begins to howl. A lot of photovoltaic men say in the joint letter to the relevant departments: we think it takes 3-5 years for the PV industry to be real parity, and the industry needs to continue to support it.


What? 3-5 years? What about the fair price of the Internet in 2020? Do you know how to achieve parity in advance? When faced with these rhetorical questions, what is the mood of the PV owners probably asked by the Argentina fans? "What about a good title?" "What about the good unbeatable Messi?" The mood is almost the same.

From the gimmick of hot blood to the ruthless face of reality, the recent Argentina and photovoltaic are very similar. But it needs to be pointed out that it is true that photovoltaic power generation will achieve parity online in advance. It is also true to achieve real parity in the next 3-5 years. The so-called "early realization of parity" surfing the Internet means that some areas with good resources and good development will achieve parity online in advance, but at the same time, there will be some poor resources and slow development areas. So it will probably take 3-5 years to really realize the photovoltaic power parity in the whole country.

The raging French team and the "531" New Deal

Argentina went to the top 16 after the 2:1 victory over Nigeria in June 27th, and Messi was also redemptive, but the next knockout was the same as the top French team. Unlike Argentina, as a historical team, the French team was 2 - 1 in the world cup, and the last game of the 26 day even played a "health care football". In fact, the world cup is now, to continue to call Argentina "the top of the championship", as it is now to continue to shout "photovoltaic generation ahead of the parity net", has been a little inappropriate.


Especially after the release of the "531" new deal, the PV market is even cooler than the previous two wars in Argentina. Under the strict control of the target, the next half year of the photovoltaic market will enter a foreseeable low valley, like the better in the face of the French team, Argentina will fall into a foreseeable bitter battle.

Now, Argentina does not want to talk about winning the championship. Nor does photovoltaic power go online. It is the most important thing to tide over the difficulties ahead. As mentioned in the previous article, the charm of competitive sports lies in what is likely to happen. After the struggle in the group race, Argentina will stand up again, and if it can revive the ambition, the winner will not be sure of the winner. Similarly, the capital market is also a rapidly changing arena. Although the photovoltaic industry has been hit by a heavy blow, if it is able to get up and down, accelerate the industrial upgrading, strengthen the technology iteration, continue to reduce the cost, and expand the overseas market in the situation of consolidating the domestic market, it may be possible to break out again under the condition of "pressure mountain" and welcome the arrival of the parity net ahead of time.

Wish Argentina can revive the ambition, Messi can win the cup of great power, wish the photovoltaic industry is thick and thin, go through the difficulties, and enter the time of the parity net. Finally, I would like to wish the next World Cup a national footprint and let us have the opportunity to weep bitterly when the national anthem is played.