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All Major Aspects Of A Comprehensive Lead The World
- Dec 04, 2017 -

All major aspects of a comprehensive lead the world

"China's PV module production for the first time in 10 consecutive years the world's largest market for four consecutive years ranked first in the global PV market, especially polysilicon, silicon, solar cells and components in the four major areas are the world's first output, accounting for More than half. "China Everbright Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said that as a result of three" Great Leap Forward ", early this year, everyone was generally uneasy. In the past 10 months, the industry as a whole has enjoyed a good development.

Application-side growth is also very rapid. China PV Industry Association statistics, 1-10 months, the new installed capacity of more than 45GW, the cumulative installed capacity of more than 122GW.

Photovoltaic industry fast forward another important reason is the continuous decline in production costs of all aspects. From 2012 to 2017, the cost of photovoltaic in China dropped by about half, driving the sales price to drop rapidly. Only last year, the inverter price dropped 21%.

As a photovoltaic industry cluster, Jiangsu has more than 600 photovoltaic companies. Provincial Energy Bureau Tang Xuewen new energy director introduced the province's "Thirteen Five" photovoltaic power generation goal is to ensure that 8 million KW, and strive to 10 million KW, the current installed capacity of 8.35 million KW, to ensure that the target has been completed.