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A Brief Analysis Of The Development Of Vehicle Refrigerator In China
- Jul 30, 2018 -

What is the car refrigerator?

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Car refrigerators, as the name suggests, refer to refrigerated freezers that can be carried on cars. There are two main types of refrigerators on the market, one is a semiconductor refrigerator, the principle of which is to refrigerate by electronic chips; the other is the vehicle refrigerator of the compressor, the compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator, the cooling temperature is low, and the -18 degree is -10 degrees. The refrigeration efficiency is high, it can make ice, keep fresh and big.

Many Chinese consumers are influenced by the industry's development status and information. There are many misunderstandings about vehicle refrigerators. It is believed that the car refrigerator must be installed between the central handrail or the trunk of the car. In fact, it is just a very small classification of the car's refrigerator, and more of the car refrigerator should be portable and free to carry; moreover, in the mind of the Chinese consumers, the car should be a bargain of hundreds of dollars. Like the vehicle navigator, in fact, this is because the development of the car refrigerator industry in China is not good enough now, many enterprises only look at the short-term efficiency, production quality low vehicle refrigerator products, making many car refrigerator enterprises in the price mire, like the original millet, price butcher, for the overall development of the industry is It's dangerous. Here we have to talk about the development of China's vehicle refrigerator.

Development status of vehicle refrigerator

In Europe and America, the development of the whole vehicle refrigerator is more benign, because the industry has a long history. In 1967, the Italian indelB invented the first vehicle refrigerator in human history. For more than 50 years, the European and American car refrigerator producers and consumers had enough time to find out (this is also earlier than the European and American modernization. " The car industry is mature. Now we can find that many European and American families like to travel with their families, drive a RV, and carry on the car refrigerator, few days, and a few months, they are familiar with this way of life.

China's car refrigerator market is not, because the modernization is late, although the overall economic level is gradually catching up with the European and American countries, but the last hundred years of development concentrated to several decades, it is unavoidable to appear in some of the links in the anti stomach phenomenon. The car refrigerator is a good example.

The quality of the industry is good and bad. China's domestic market also has a large number of brands, both semiconductors and compressors, the price, the quality of different, the cooling effect is also a big problem. Many consumer feedback, the use of car fridge broke down once, or the cooling effect did not meet expectations.

The industry is deeply trapped in the price mire. In order to win the market, crazy price cuts, which is a common fault of Chinese enterprises, only to make money today, regardless of the overall situation of industry development. The result is that the price is getting lower and the profits are less and less, and the enterprises control the cost, and the quality can not be guaranteed. In the long run, the industry is hard to grow healthily.

The overall scale of the industry is small. On the other hand, the car refrigerator in China must have a lifestyle promotion as a basic condition, but now the economic level of China has gone up, the lifestyle of the people is not so fast, rich, and car, but there is no ice box. The scale of the whole industry is compared. Small.

The transformation and upgrading are facing difficulties. Many domestic car refrigerator industry has just begun or until now mainly engaged in OEM export, but with the saturation of foreign markets, the urgent need for transformation and upgrading, but this process is doomed to be difficult, so many Chinese car refrigerator enterprises are facing the transformation and upgrading of the brand positioning, the problem of thinking change.

Summary: the prospect of Car refrigerator

The hardware level of China's economic development has come up, the economic foundation has been formed, superstructure construction is only a matter of time. With the deepening of the consumption upgrade, the car life will be more deeply integrated into the daily life of the residents. The improvement of the living conditions of the car may soon increase the schedule of the majority of people. Therefore, the development prospect of the vehicle refrigerator industry is huge. Similar to Ying De, the enterprise that focuses on high-end vehicle refrigerator will usher in its own spring.

In the development process of the vehicle refrigerator, it is necessary for the enterprises, the society and the consumers to form a benign atmosphere. The car refrigerator enterprise should concentrate on doing the high quality products instead of reducing the price to attract the consumers. The society needs to form a correct guidance on the vehicle refrigerator, and the consumer needs to make a positive purchase. To buy ideas, take a comprehensive consideration of many factors and make the right choice of consumption, only a benign closed loop is formed, and the development of the vehicle refrigerator industry can keep up with the level of China's economic development and serve the increasing level of China's consumption.

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