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What's the difference between a car refrigerator and a household refrigerator
- May 09, 2018 -

Type of portable refrigerator

Semiconductor refrigerator

The semiconductor refrigerator electronic refrigeration is also called the hot spot refrigeration. It is a refrigeration method using "Parr effect", which is used with compressor refrigeration and absorption refrigeration and is called the three largest refrigeration mode in the world.

Compressor refrigerator

This refrigerator is powered by a compressor and powered by refrigeration. The refrigeration is fast and strong, and the refrigeration can reach -18 C, which can make ice and keep fresh. The compressor refrigerator can be used for cars, and can also be used by power converters, which is the extension and supplement of household refrigerators.

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The difference between the refrigerator and the refrigerator

So is it different from household refrigerators? It's obviously not. Then let's see what compensation it has for household refrigerators.

More functions

1. Due to the requirement of outgoing environment, the functions of products need to be more complete.

2.The low voltage protection function can protect the battery for safe use.

3.Under the condition that the control circuit is invalid, the refrigerator can be refrigerate and keep the temperature inside the box.

High material requirements

1.The exterior of the car refrigerator is made of high quality engineering plastics, which can be used in a humid environment.

2.The material is more strict, all of which are environmental protection materials.

Mode of use

How to use this little thing when you put it in your home? Let's look at it.

1.Use the refrigerator environment to maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation, away from the open flame or other heat sources.

2.No magnetic object can be placed in the semiconductor truck refrigerator inner liner to prevent the internal refrigeration chip from being affected.

3.Car freezer is not a toy, please stay away from children.

4.It is necessary to clean and defrost regularly.

Cleaning and maintenance methods

This good thing also needs cleaning and maintenance to keep us company for a long time. Let's see how the members of this family should protect him.

Maintenance method

1.Always check vibration, noise and compressor temperature. During operation, the compressor shell should not be vibrant, and the compressor should not be heard clearly during the day.

2.Pay attention to check whether there are cracks on the power line to prevent leakage.

3.When the refrigerator is disused for a long time, the power supply should be cut off first, all the food in the box is removed, the box is cleaned inside and outside, the box door is open for several days, so that the inside of the box is dry and the odor in the refrigerator is scattered.

Cleaning method

1.Clean refrigerator shell is best carried out every day. Wipe the fridge shell with wet and soft cloth every day.

2.Before cleaning the tank, cut off the power supply and take out the food in the fridge.

3.Soft cloth dipped in water or food detergent, gently scrubbed, and then dipped in clean water to wipe away.

4.After cleaning, plug in the power supply and check if the temperature controller is in the correct position.