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What kinds of car refrigerators are there?
- Jul 24, 2018 -

A car refrigerator is a refrigerator that can be carried in a car. Car refrigerators are a new generation of refrigerated appliances popular in the international market in recent years. The car refrigerator can use semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology or can be cooled by a compressor. Generally, the noise is less polluted. Simply plug the power plug into the spotlight hole while driving to cool the refrigerator. At present, there are mainly the following types of car refrigerators:


1. Insulation type refrigerator: The outer casing is made of heat preservation material, and the temperature of the article is maintained by using the energy storage box to cool and heat, which is commonly called incubator and energy storage box. Capacity design 6 liters to 45 liters. Inconvenient to use, gradually withdraw from the market.

2. Electronic Refrigeration Refrigerator: With advanced semiconductor technology, electronic refrigeration heating is realized. The cooling temperature is about 20 °C at room temperature; the heating temperature is between 50 °C and 65 °C, and the capacity is designed to be 4 to 35 liters. Easy for ordinary consumers to accept.

3. Double-electronic ice-making refrigerator: double-electronic synchronous cooling, special internal body structure, realize electronic ice making, can reach minus three degrees, heating 65 degrees, cooling temperature can be adjusted, meet most requirements, cooling and heating quickly, temperature reaches zero Requirements, capacity design 12 to 20 liters, the market price of 900 yuan -1500 yuan. Cost-effective, is a practical mass consumer goods.

4. Compressor refrigerator: relying on imported advanced ball compressors and inverters to achieve refrigeration, the refrigeration temperature reaches minus 18 degrees - minus 22 degrees, the capacity design is 15 liters - 60 liters, the market price is 3500-8000 yuan, only suitable for the time being. Very few customers with special requirements.

The general misunderstanding of consumers: Most people think that car refrigerators can freeze water or beverages, which is the refrigerator they need, but it is not. Car-mounted compressor refrigerators are expensive, and currently 2-3 times that of household refrigerators. Moreover, everyone who has had icing water or drinks knows that when drinking real iced drinks or drinks, the feeling of drinking is uncomfortable. In summer, the temperature of our drinking water is the most comfortable and quenching thirst at 5-10 °C. Therefore, the function of the general car electronic refrigerator can meet the needs of consumers.