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What is functions of solar system charge controller?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

The solar charge controller circuit has the following main functions:

1, overcharge protection, charging voltage higher than the voltage protection, automatic shut off for battery charging, then when the voltage drop to maintain the voltage of battery into floating state, when below the recovery voltage floating off, into the state of charge.

2. Overdischarge protection: when the battery voltage is lower than the protection voltage, the controller automatically closes the output to protect the battery from damage;When the battery is recharged, power can be restored automatically.

3. Overcurrent and short-circuit protection under load: when the load current exceeds 10A or the load is short-circuited, the fuse is fused and can be continued after replacement.

4. Overvoltage protection: when the voltage is too high, the output is automatically closed to protect the electrical appliances from damage.

5. Anti-recharging function: schottky diode is used to prevent the battery from charging the solar cell.

6. Lightning protection: when lightning strikes occur, the pressure-sensitive resistance can prevent lightning strikes and protect the controller from damage.

7. Solar cell reverse connection protection: solar cell "+" - "polarity reverse connection, can continue to use after correction.

8. Battery backconnection protection: the battery "+" and "-" polarity is reversed, the fuse is broken, and can be continued after replacement

9, battery open circuit protection: one thousand battery open circuit, if the normal solar battery charging, the controller will limit the load on both ends of the voltage, to ensure no damage to the load, if in the night or solar battery is not charging, the controller because itself is not power, there is no action.

10. The solar panel controller has temperature compensation function.

11, the introspection: when the controller is not affected by natural factors or human operation at the time, can let the controller self-checking, let people know whether the controller is in good condition, reduce a lot of don't need to working hours, to create conditions to win the project quality and time limit for a project.

12. Recovery interval: it is the recovery interval for overcharge or over-discharge protection, so as to avoid the work bucket of the load caused by line resistance or the self-recovery characteristics of the battery.

13. Temperature compensation: monitor the temperature of the battery, modify the charge and discharge value, and make the battery work in an ideal state.

14. Light control: it is mostly used for automatic lamps. When the environment is bright enough, the controller will automatically turn off the load output.When the environment is dark, the load will be turned on automatically to realize the function of automatic control.

 Precautions of solar charge controller

1. Open the package and fix it in the right place (please avoid direct sunlight and moist place).

2, first connect the battery lead (for the automatic identification function is not an error), and complete the identification process such as controller (level indicator after indicate the battery power) and even the solar panels, and lead the final load under the condition of the load off the connection line.

3. In order to use safely, do not overload or add too much solar panels;The battery is charged by replacing the solar cell with a power source such as a power generator.

4. When charging the solar power controller , remove the solar panel, and the charging current should not be too large.

5. Pay attention to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

 Solar System Charge Controller