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What can a portable power supply do?
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Many smartphone users like to carry a portable power bank with them, but it is usually used to charge small devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you are walking or exploring in the open, the power point of the portable power bank will not play a big role.

solar portable generator.jpg

The portable power supply produced by Lynsa is definitely an artifact of outdoor electricity. This portable power supply has a built-in 400WH battery and can supply 110V or 220V AC power, as well as two 12V DC ports, four 5V USB ports, and a car jump start function. It can be recharged by solar panels or AC wall outlet, it also can be charged by car cigarette lighter when driving.


The 400WH battery generator can basically supply most of the electrical appliances anytime and anywhere, and can be used at the same time.

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This portable power supply is relatively small and easy to carry, weighs only 5.6 kilograms and can be easily placed in the trunk of a car to explore or travel.

portable power supply-1.jpg

This portable power supply has a built-in lithium-ion battery, and it can replenish new power at any time through the solar panel, reducing the consumption of battery power.

This portable power supply interface can meet almost all electrical requirements, and we can even use it to watch TV and power the mobile refrigerator.

This portable power supply's four 5V power USB ports quickly charge small devices, such as smartphones, tablets or Bluetooth speakers, anytime, anywhere.

This portable power supply also has a built-in LED display that allows you to view real-time output and input power as well as remaining power.

Portable Power Station-Outlet.png

This portable power supply also can be used as an emergency power source. When your home is powered off, it can supply power to the TV, fan, computer, and lighting at home. It can be said that the PS5B is a small portable power station.

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